2 Brothers MID SHOW – World of Warships

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### wows #f2p

I do not get this map nearly enough but when I do, it is even less frequent that I am in a ship that is capable of going middle and have spawned in the middle.

Well this is definitely not the best ship for this but here we bloody go xD

Enjoy the show in the middle and everything that happens afterwards 😉

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  1. Ahh, the most special map in the most special game

  2. gurk_the_magnificent

    Flambass and Two Brothers is always a good time

  3. This was actually entertaining to watch.

  4. This and the last game you uploaded would make a fine episode for a very special Mighty Jingles episode. 😂😂😂

  5. Hilarious! Also you inspired me to make a new F2P WOWS account too.

  6. Loved the commentary after Flambass dies…would hate to be at the receiving end though hehehe

  7. I love the yolos on this map.

  8. I always find the topic of detonation very interesting. I also had a game once, funnily enough also on Two Brothers, where I drove normally to my flank and suddenly a Norca was spotted. Has shown complete broadside with a distance of approx. 22-24 km. I shot it and a bullet actually found the Cita and blew up the entire full life norca. xD

    • Did you apologize In chat? I usually do. No one enjoys that kind of thing.

    • @Matthew10950 Most likely only WG thinks that it’s a fun and engaging mechanic.

    • I once got Zippoed by an Ohio from across the Map inside the first 3 mins, whilst in a Hindenburg!! Yeah! Great match, that!! Really entertaining and fun!!
      PLUS: the Ohio only then showed up on the mini-map 20 seconds AFTER I’d been sunk!! 😠

    • @kc9602  I’ve been dumpstered many times. I’m a light cruiser main. I am also sure that I have been detonated with a det flag on.

    • @Matthew10950 Yeah i normaly do that cause most of the time it feels so much like rng that its ridiculous. xD

  9. Playerbase in this game has a hard time knowing the difference between detonation and devastating strike. Just the same way as the amount of people who always swore they would get ramming flags every time they rammed someone. The amount of people who refused to believe when I told them, they could only get it once per day. And they had to survive the ram earning a die hard to actually get it.
    Not only that. They would also try to encourage others to do it with ships that was still relatively healthy, in situations where there were still plenty of other options.

  10. It must be torture to have to play this game on stream every day because that’s your meal ticket. I couldn’t do it.

  11. That is the Flambass effect, I.e. if you see Flambass on the red team on the two brother map you go middle channel in oder to be featured as hero or fool of the week, but what is the difference since there is no bad publicity 😂😂😂😂

  12. Shows how far tactical awareness and prowess has all but disappeared in the young set.

  13. Flamby the whole world knows that you pass between two sisters , and the whole world has come to you!!

  14. This was cool to watch

  15. @Flambass – it’s possible to detonate with a flag, but very, very unlikely…you have to get detonated *TWICE* in a game. So the first detonation uses the flag and the second detonation gives you the 10 new flags. As said, it’s highly unlikely this will ever happen, but it can.

    • the flag doesn’t get used like a consumable. the only way you can detonate with a det flag flying is if you have other flags flying that increase det chance.

  16. That was incredibly entertaining! Made my day!

  17. After a not great day, ……i come home to THIS!!??….i needed this! thank you….. in the future, would like to see some more like this? maybe?………..not you dying after 4 minutes tho

  18. never really played PC wows that much because most of my friends are on Xbox so I play legends a lot or at least used to when I had free time. but I’ve played a few thousand battles and have never been detonated. I thought it was nonexistent until I seen others get detonated

  19. Det flag also gets negated if you run other flags that increase flooding or fire but also increase chance of detonation

  20. The game has always needed a skills based matchmaker. Someone of your level should be playing with and against others at your level. And all the potatoes should be floating around in a bucket together.

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