2 man Ranked team – World of Warships

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Tech Tree tier 10 ship in ranked battles is far from ideal, but it seems most ppl ran out of their bundles so it’s mostly without superships anyway.

Here is a really crazy and close ranked battle that I believe you will enjoy watching 😉

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  1. What a game, saw that on stream but needed to watch again

  2. Flambino definitely a game replay to send the old man jingles for sure. I hope you were able to compliment that Montana player for his gameplay.

  3. when a Monty has to save the game. you know the game is done for it LUL

  4. We destroyed their destroyer – problem solved, sir.

    Great timing

  5. Im surprised the Shima lived for so long with all the risky plays he did

  6. that fdr failing to hide behind the island represents everything you need to know about cv players.

  7. Flambass sweating and trying to stay out of Stalin’s and Petro’s radar..
    Le Shima: watch and learn

  8. What a battle. I could feel the intensity saw myself getting killed multiple times in your shoes.
    Shame for the way the Roosevelt went in the end, that did not match the quality of the battle from both sides.

  9. That was an awesome game Flambino, I love the Daring and I thought their Daring should have done better but it was another case of getting torps out instead of shooting. Well played dude.👍

  10. Goi ng for C cap and denying the points would have worked, but I think the strat Montana used was probably the better play. If it was an enemy BB, absolutely get the cap and run like hell. But the carrier can spot you and attack you from anywhere on the map – making it harder to _take_ the cap, _as well_ as survive for the length of time it would take to win. On 2 caps, I’m pretty sure your team would have won on points anyway, but at least Monty pushed up to the point where he could punch Roosevelt back instead of just taking damage from dive bomber drops with no alternative. It was a risk, but I’d say it was the smarter play overall. And hey, it worked.

  11. One of better games i saw lately. Insane performance, this is exactly why i subbed here few years ago.

    Props to chad Monty 🙂

  12. Outstanding Flambass this is why I subbed, love it.

  13. One thing about this game that has always cracked me up. You’re behind by 300 points and have been for two and a half minutes. Game; “The enemy team has taken the lead.”


  14. Two of the non tier 11 ships win the game… Does this means that skill still counts?🤔

  15. Been some time since i saw a flamby game this intense. GG.

  16. It is a pleasure to watch you, in a game like this!

  17. I would like to see jingles keep up with the commentary on this lol well played.

  18. My favorite part about that was Flambass complimenting a USS Montana player.

  19. Ujwala Narendrastara

    Shima charging point B like a madman looking at flambas like
    “The hell you waiting for”

  20. The Shima Leeroying into B got a thorough chuckle from me.

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