200K in damage in Tier 7 Gadjah Mahatma Ghandi || World of Warships

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200K in damage in Tier 7 Gadjah Mahatma Ghandi || World of
Mongo63a VII Gadjah Mada

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  1. Ghandi was a kraken monster

  2. skeletaur skull night


  3. Duuuude why Mahatma Gandhi? Indonesia’s not India yoooo ?

    On the other hand, this DD’s a total monster

  4. Very rare top tier match. Hardly ever happens. Mostly you’re up against higher tier, superior ships. These Pan-Asians are seriously limited Destroyers. Sure, you can a have a good game here and there when the stars are aligned and your moon is in retrograde but mostly they’re weak and limited and everyone knows it. I have the T7 Gadja Mada and the T8 Benson ‘Hsienyang’. Very frustrating to play. The Gadja is the better of the two by quite a bit. I have the Benson (one of my fave DD’s) and the difference couldn’t be more stark. I have reached T10 on all DD lines (In fact I only play DD’s. I find BB’s boring and CR’s suicidal) and after a few days of frustration I’m very close to selling them and not looking back. But then again I’m a glutton for punishment so I’ll probably find a way to make them ‘kind’ of work. Again, the Madja is pretty Ok, but the concept of the the Pan Asian line is, in my opinion, flawed.

  5. Is that Chinese voiceover? (after all of this time, I just realized it by now)


  6. I just come here, reading some Indonesian comments :))

  7. Why “mahatma ghandi”??
    I love Gadjah Mada, true name Gadjah Mada… Indonesia

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