2018 in World of Warships!

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So, it is was fun and interesting year with so many events in World of Warships. Let’s sum it up!

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  1. Where is the MM fix?? Tier 8 in tier 10 battle.

    • Have a Happy Newyear……….

    • +Vishal K Singh well if u have 16 inch gun you’ll be fine but for Tirpitz and other 15 inch bbs, its very frustrating when cruisers are able to bow tank you

    • +dat good Well yes but it all depends on the gameplay as well. Its probably good not to tank much when you are T8 and opps are t10. I played the Bismarck in most T10 matches and most of them were quite good match. Besides i also said most times matchmaking is good but sometimes yes you get beaten pretty badly. And this is warships for you, entire game depends on teamwork when most matches you get such salty teammates.

    • +Testacabeza I see you are a man of culture as well.

    • +Vishal K Singh I’m okay being a T8 in a T10 as I stated, because I topped sever times the score, way overdoing the T10’s. Just when you are alone T8 and your team is full of retard T10’s, it’s getting really really annoying to play. You can argue that you can have the same idiots while sailing a T10 ship yes, but in those ships you can have so much more impact on the game. And constantly facing those top tiers can easily go into a frustrating experience. Really the main problem is the 90% of the time, I would be okay even 50% or 60%. But almost all the time no…

  2. Best ship game!

    • +kein ding yo bot.de don’t know if you have ever heard of it but Aces High is pvp but on such a larger scale WOW can not even touch it, now one person controls the fleet but one person can control 1 turret so about 15 + players control the weapons from the AA guns to the main turrets on all the ships in the fleet and that is just one small part of the game it is a land, sea and air battle that i have not seen any other game even touch in scale or number of players, the only downside is you have to pay to play.

    • yup……. hope they don’t ruin it…….

    • kein ding yo bot.de

      +focke wulf hm, thats sounds interesting, i have never heard about that game before

    • Yeah.
      Best game ever!!!!!

    • +kein ding yo bot.de………………….. http://www.hitechcreations.com and $15.00 a month but IMO well worth it. now i am not saying WOW is a bad game at all they do have some issues but it is a good game. but if you like large scale battles were you can talk to those in your battle group by joining a squadron or you want to man the guns on a bomber or fly it you can with more than one player on the aircraft and the same with the ground war or at sea. WOW is a really good game as is WOT but if i had not had a stroke and lost my ability to work i would still be playing aces high i have never seen a game that was played on such a scale as AH not even war thunder.

  3. World of Warships Rewind 2018

  4. A lot has happen this year
    Happy New Year Captains

  5. New CV gameplay – without proper testing, proof of concept, leaving the community at best divided and on a path to seriously harm, if not out right, destroy the game due to secret development with no input from players that actually play the game.

    New premiums – several of which stirred controversy or outrage or caused issues and are now being removed, if not already.

    A bunch of things people already made – you just took it and added it

    An “anti-abuse system” that punishes innocent players for having issues some of which are caused by your now mandatory launcher.

    Lets see how hard you fail in 2019 – beyond just shoving out an incomplete CV rework that only 32% of players back.

    • Isn’t 30% plenty? And don’t forget about other 50% who also likes it after some balancing.

    • hold on what
      half of that doesnt make sense…
      i already test cv gameplay and i must say it pretty nice but it also god dan hard to scored a hit.

      new premiums that cause trouble and remove?
      what i though it only the graf zeppelin what did i miss here.

      also a bunch of thing people already make but add on?
      the fuck is that? explain

    • Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

      Um what?

      There were and still are a LOT of the die hard CV players that contributed to the rework. They did listen to most of it, but like anything else, itll be balanced and tweaked overtime..

      Ships originally didn’t have DFAA, radar, etc. They were added. Gameplay was changed.

      This’ll happen with CVs too.

      Is the first draft of the rework everything we wanted? No. But its a good start for such a massive change.

      Premiums causing outrage? Only a few i can think of, the graf zepplin, for lack of diversity and being too powerful. The stalingrad, but its balanced now (like anything, once you know its weakness, it goes down fast), and also behind a crazy high resource wall.

      The community did mod the game a lot, but these mods werent official even though widely wanted. Its cool they listened and let them become official.

      Lots of positive things, but thanks for sharing your negative feedback.

    • +Gamesghost Premium ships I guess? like the black friday premiums

  6. 2019:
    1. Waves according to weather conditions
    2. CV removal after failed rework
    Have a good one ;D

  7. Please add more containers and ships to Arsenal.

  8. Well, it was a great year WG! Thx!

  9. As much as people like to complain, they really do try and care about making a good product

    • WRONG. Many people actually DID try to help W.G improve by making sensible comments in forum, only to be trolled to death by those who disagree with them and wants things to stay that way because they are the first to beneficiate from it. Starting with Fire Prevention Skill for Commander, to Smoke Firing concealment, to the number of radars per team/game.
      But when popular unicums go from “This game doesn’t need more radars” to making an anthology of every single radar ship in the game, obviously, their effort falls vain.
      WoW is now completely unbalanced, too many radars, too much commercial input, and while W.G a couple of years ago was stating that they wanted a more dynamic style, “too much fire”, “too much smoke firing”, “too much camping” etc, at the end of the day, we end up with ridiculously high fire chance and more static/camping playstyle, because every wannabe unicum wants his little radar ship and DDs are left down, used as consumable and sources of XP by the other type players.
      A simple look at the top tiers Cruiser stats is enough to figure why, from tXIII to tX the top 3 are ALL radar ships, and in average the only ones to go over the 50% win rate, this is not a coincidence but the result of a corruption shared by players, testers and developers.
      So please stop complaining about those who complain, because this is precisely the reason for this situation, the game is great, but many things need sorting out, and it’s not gonna happen with censoring those with concerns trying to express them and being silenced at every opportunity.

    • +ThinderChief 2016 I agree high tier games are really dependent on radar usage.

  10. year review :clap: :clap:

  11. Didn’t realise this much happened…

    Though the completionist in me is screaming for “Battle of The North Cape” containers in the arsenal at least for christmas time :

  12. Juan Andrés Méndez

    23 new regular ships against 27 new premium ships, really?

  13. Still, not a glimpse of an Italian Tech Tree! But here, have 8 Soviet paper-battleships out of 9! Whooo!

  14. hhmmnn… something important is missing here….

    dasha vs alena mode

  15. the video forgot to say stupid tier 8 match making

  16. Suhan Ul Anam entertainment 2nd channel

    I been playing since update 0.4.1 it really awesome i still play it today like if you are a old WoW gamer

  17. U forgot to mention Harogumo and Kitakaze

  18. TorchCad30 TorchCad30

    Awesome! video…Thank you World of Warships for such amazing and diverse year.

  19. Please expand Custom National Flags to other tech trees as well, not just Pan Asia and Commonwealth ships.

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