2021 How to Play New Submarines Subs Gameplay World of Warships Wows

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Update 0.10.4 How to play Submarines Subs in World of Warships Wows brand new submarine captain skills including review and high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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00:00 Submarine Torpedo Citadel Hits
02:43 American Submarine Cachalot gameplay highlights
16:00 Cacholot Sub on Sub Finale and score screens

Submarines have come a long way since the announcement in the summer of 2019. Regarding the latest stage of submarine test in June 2021, the following changes have been applied:
Battery power is now limited in duration and cannot be normally recharged. Depending on the nation and Tier of the sub, the battery will allow for 5-11 minutes of being submerged per battle.
If a submarine is detected, the battery charge is expended faster.
With a depleted battery, the submarine can only be on the surface and will no longer be able to dive for the rest of the battle. Battery charge will be an important resource for the submarine commander and will allow for only a limited time underwater, giving other ships the ability to counter submarines. The submarine’s detectability radius now decreases linearly with depth. This will avoid situations when the submarine instantly disappeared from the enemy’s sight. Added an underwater environment for most of the maps, including seabed relief and the underwater parts of islands. This innovation will help submarines navigate the battlefield while submerged. Due to changes in the mechanics of detecting submarines and methods of countering them, the hydrophone has been removed from destroyers. The Commander skill tree for submarines has been added, and the skills of the other classes will be amended to counter submarines. Along with these changes, players will have access to a free skill reset. A new type of torpedo for submarines has been added. We will publish details about the new weapons and other new features later.



  1. M.T.L Animations

    :0 never seen a sub in World of Warships, must be interesting to play these

  2. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features a first look as some brand new submarine gameplay featuring the American tier 6 Submarine the Cachalot. A lot of new mechanics including anti submarine warfare have been added. I hope you all enjoy the gameplay, let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it. Subs are coming!!

    • Im going to feel like HMS Barham everytime i play against these things. In saying that i am looking forward to them. Do you think CV’s will eventually get a anti-submarine sqn added?

  3. I followed the instructions to get the test server, but I don’t have enough storage :(. I record videos and haven’t been editing them so I am editing them together so I can delete the vids to clear up enough storage. I should be able to play on the server by tomorrow bc I’ll have deleted the vids.

  4. love the torp on the Leander lol

  5. I think it looks fun, but I’m still not a fan of the fixed time you can be underwater. That just doesn’t make ANY sense as a sub. I liked the system of being forced to charge battery or oxygen at the surface much more.

  6. While I am a fan of WWII era subs I have serious doubts about them being introduced into regular gameplay. I’ve played all of the iterations that WG has tested so far and I don’t see them being able to shoehorn them into the game. I have only played a couple of rounds on the latest version on the TST server so I’ll have to play some more before I pass judgement on it.

    I do however see them working very well in a separate battle mode or scenario. I really enjoyed the 2018 Halloween event “Terror of the Deep”, I had a lot of fun with that one and played as much as I could during that event.

    • I agree I have no issues with them being in a separate game mode for years even if necessary to balance them out

  7. While sub play maybe entertaining to watch, it is still utterly stupid to have subs in a surface ship naval battle game.
    But I forget this is Wee Gee where to them, square pegs fit perfectly into a round hole! Wee Gee has their hands over their eyes and ears and cant see or hear the comments about subs. The days are numbered for this current game mode (without the subs).

  8. I’m interested to see how the subs turn out. As they currently are, I feel like they still need a few tweaks, surprisingly in the “buff” direction. The time underwater is, currently, a joke, and you run out way too quickly to be able to do too much. Maybe it’s just a result of players not quite knowing how to pilot them yet, but they definitely don’t feel like the game ruining boogeyman that everyone seems to want to make them out to be.

    I am, however, glad to see that WG seems to be taking a “too weak, buff if needed” kind of approach rather than the absolute disaster that the CV rework ended up being, but of course there will always be the naysayers who will be aghast at anything new being added in this game. The antisubmarine warfare toolkit seems sufficient at this point. I’ve definitely been wrecked by my share of depth charges, and HE rounds absolutely murder any surfaced subs, and if you can’t get the torps off you’re basically defenseless.

    Overall, work needed, but a step in the correct direction imo.

  9. i have to worried about CV and now this little demon 🙁 my life as a BB player end soon no counter 🙁

  10. Coffee Fueled Curmudgeon

    Not sure what’s more concerning. The Farragut being perma-spotted thereby highlighting why DD’s will not want to hunt submerged subs with such terrible risk versus reward balance, or the fact that it survived because everyone was farming something else and people don’t shoot the damn DD’s when someone does spot one.
    Great vid as usual, with thanks.

  11. Manjunathan Ulaganathan

    wow man the ending, so good
    liked the clip.

  12. Manjunathan Ulaganathan

    mate please post this kind of videos often, loved it!

  13. Sardauker Legion

    Subs in the same match with a CV? I need holidays.

  14. While sub play maybe entertaining to watch, it is still utterly stupid to have subs in a surface ship naval battle game. a waste of time , i hate it Subs are made to fight under water.

  15. Mixed feelings. It looks fun, but I am very skeptical about the balancing.
    I would love to see this in a separate game mode, even better in a sort of convoy vs sub team gameplay.. but WG will never consider not putting this in Randoms ’cause of sunk costs.

  16. Theres something you just made me wonder. Will Asashio’s super deep water torps hit subs at periscope depth?

  17. love it. Can’t wait to get on the test server tonight.

  18. That was too funny, thanks for sharing.

  19. Looks pretty balanced, hope it doesnt change too much before release. Great game thanks for sharing.

  20. I don’t like the way submarines are right now. The fixed amount of time underwater, and the damage they can pull doesn’t sit right y’know… Good vid tho

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