2021 Results in World of Warships

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⚓ Now it’s time to stick around at the Port for a little bit and reminisce on how 2021 went in World of Warships.
🎄 New Year is on its way, and the time is right to sum everything up and recollect what happened in World of Warships this year.
🌟 A lot of bright moments have been seared into our memory:
👍 the first hybrids in World of Warships,
👍 new branches in the Tech Tree,
👍 submarines and superships,
👍 temporary modes—take a look back on all this and much more in our video!
🔊 Let’s dive into the details!
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/2021-results-in-wows
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/2021-results-in-wows
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/2021-results-in-wows

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  1. more personal challenges! like with german DDs

  2. Hopefully for 2022 we can get Operation’s Cherry Blossom and Dynamo back. Make WoWS great again

  3. This year was neat. We know pan asia cruiser and italy dd are coming in 2022.

  4. In 2022, I would like to see the implementation of the Swedish language

  5. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Some good, some bad

    But the game still has its charm that keeps pulling me back in.

    ( P. S., return Smolensk for a limited time, pretty please! 😀 )

  7. Keep doing your best and stay healthy. Thank you for your hard work. It’s truly appreciated.

  8. I understand you are trying to keep the game interesting. Kindly note that decisions like the submarines and the Superships are NOT the right direction. Please give us new maps. And make A/A building valid again… My warmest wishes to the Art Department, your team is Awsome !

  9. as far as world of warships goes , the thing that acually works in wargaming is art department anything and anybody else is shity and broken ,
    beside Dasha ofcourse .

  10. I think it has been a great year for the game. I have been playing (off and on) since the end of the Alpha test and this has been my favorite year so far. I would not say I love everything that is happening but over-all there have been a lot of positives. I like the new ships, I like the new graphics and I like new game modes. I view superships somewhat favorably but I want to see how they are fully implemented. I’ll admit I am not a fan of homing torpedoes and therefore I could live without subs. I also think CVs are not implemented as well as they could be. Something is a bit off.

    • I like what they have done but there still a lot of communication problem with their company. Game has been good for the most part especial the art department Amazing. To fix CV I would just make it where they spot ship but only on the mini map similar to Cyclone. AA back to the way it was before the CV rework. Where DM can destroy the whole Tier Squad before a drop happens if they have spect one AA, has defensive AA on and priority sector on. So almost the same as before but just a few change not like now where Defensive AA does pretty much nothing for any ship before the CV Rework. Give the option the CV players to drop all drops in one drop or in two drops. Make it where the drops are in different formation for different Nation. This would give the Nation something more fun to them. Also, you can make where some Nation don’t certain Drop. Such as Nation 1 has torp and bomber but no rockets and Nation 2 has Rockets and torps. Lastly, Make it where the full squad of planes are ready every min or so like a BB or torpedo reload is like on ships. This would fix your problem with CV players that aren’t good. They would still be able to do something at the end of the battle. That is the major issue with CV is their still a skill gap there. Lastly you can make it where planes have a range as well if it makes them to OP. So the ship has to get in some ship firing ranges.

  11. Some really good additions and changes, although i do think it would be better to slow new ship line releases to 3-4 months again so players actually have time to enjoy the new content before having to rush into grinding the next early release. Quality over quantity any day for me.
    We REALLY need at least 2 new maps a year. you consider modifying and scaling some of the low tier and operations maps for randoms.

    I appreciate the new battle modes you are trying, you should consider adding a random “arcade” battle mode with all of the old space and other battle modes you have created in past. cycle through them every 2 weeks. In this casual battle mode, you could even do cross server EU/NA for example during prime time to not reduce the random battle qeue size too much and the extra latency would not be rage inducing 😉

    keep up the good work, all the best to everyone in the new year & Good Hunting!


  12. agree, the only part of wows that do a great job is the Art Department. Game mechanics/bug fixes has went down hill a lot since the start. Come on fix bugs that everyone has told you about like. Rounds dropping short at random times especially near of over island. Been in the game for min a year now and no fix yet. There so much to put in here. I’m sure all you have to do is ask Flamu, Mr. Jingles, and Flambass and they will tell you but you will not listen so no point.

  13. And a lot of us this the whole submarine idea is a disaster. Needs a special set up for the subs. but WoW will ram these down our throats, whether we want them or not.

  14. Andrew Raila ‘Bammers!

    I want to see some more tier 8 operations, and operations for tier 9 and 10 ships

  15. They forgot to mention the commitment to do better in regards to the community. I know it was a result of some scandals, that one would rather not mention. However, for many of us that commitment was one of the most important aspects of 2021 along with the follow through, like revealing drop rates and better communication.

  16. Lets look back at what we did this year, Broke our word on no guns bigger than Yamatos, Broke our word on no Submarines. lets look towards next year and see how we can monitize our player base more and break our work more.

  17. 00:48 Fake paper ships (Soviet CVs).
    01:36 Submarines have been pulled from WoWS. How is this a positive achievement?
    01:39 Super ships are a concept and have been pulled from WoWS.
    03:47 New water is great visually, however it does affect players gunnery aiming.
    03:51 New Tree affects are killing AMD GPU and CPUs. You have to dumb down the WoWS visual game settings.
    05:56 Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Khorne Rules.
    07:35 The system killer scene for AMD PC’s.
    BTW, where is the video for submarine statistics showing how many ships have been sunk, matches played, damage done, etc?

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