2022 Results in World of Warships

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Let’s take a look back and recall our game’s milestones in 2022.
Preparations for the New Year celebrations are in full swing! We have just a little time still to look back and take a moment to appreciate the road our game has traveled through the departing year. Let’s recall the most memorable events—there have been plenty of them! New branches in the Tech Tree, impressive campaigns, integration of submarines, debut of the Spanish nation, improvements to the existing maps, and introduction of new ones—we’ll take a look at all this and much more in our video!
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/2022-results-in-wows/
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/2022-results-in-wows/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/2022-results-in-wows/

00:00 2022 Results in World of Warships
00:29 New Branches of Ships
01:14 New In-Game Ship Type
01:35 Gameplay Improvements
02:17 New Game Modes
02:45 Functional improvements of Operations
03:39 New Dockyards
04:01 New Game Events
04:20 Classic Warship Strike Game in the Armory
04:36 Themed Website Events
05:05 Game Visual Improvements
06:16 New Collections
06:31 New Collaboration Stages
06:54 Captain, what do you recall about 2022?
Share your ideas in the comments under the video!


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  1. matches with 4 dds and subs is not really fun. the map is simply swamped with torpedo salvoes from every direction. and some ships cant even fight subs – like the Dutch cruisers. if your team’s dd players suck then game lost , this is especially so at tier 10.

  2. “improvement of AI and it’s performance in battle” I don’t think any of my fellow PvE players call that change an improvement, aside from the CVs running for the cap when most of the rest of the team is dead, at least when that works

  3. Thanks WoW keep going in this direction. Add more subs and more Superships. Make all ships AA super effective and soon the only ship class playable will be DD and subs. Tier IX used to be a fun tier to play…now is the WORST. Last but not least what to say about the “improved MM” that put you bottom tier 70% of the time at tier VIII and IX. A great achievement.

  4. Slow down with new ships and focus on balancing what is already in the game…. And btw – Happy New Year!

  5. I like the new graphics update and new ship lines; however, I started playing again after 3 years, and playing the same old maps is very repetitive.

  6. What do I recall? I recall depsite the majority of the community telling Wargamming that Subs are broken and should not be released into the game, Wargamming instead of listening to the feedback and investing in time to fix the issue, lathered up the lube and shoved the things down the community’s throat.

    Comically one of WGs community representatives just said, “Subs are here, there’s nothing we can do about them.”

    That’s what I remember most vividly.

    Oh another one is Wargamming’s claim that Subs are going to find it hard to shotgun surface ships. Yet you see constantly very skilled surface ship players in destroyers, cruisers, and battleships getting shotgunned.

    More lies every year. The gift that keeps on giving.

  7. What do I remember? I remember Wargaming’s excessive greed at the end of the year with the Sunlit Fair. I remember their utter inability to balance CVs and submarines, and yet they still insist they are a good thing for the game. I remember the way Wargaming pretty much ignores feedback from everyone and just barges along with their roadmap. I remember shitty lines like the PA cruisers and IJN light cruisers which didn’t even stir most people to try to grind them. I remember the daily/weekly/monthly missions being replaced by a pay-for-progress battle pass, further nerfing the free to play experience. I remember the playerbase continuing to decline in skill and I remember blowouts becoming the norm, rather than the exception (but according to WG community managers, blowouts don’t happen.)

    Fix yourself Wargaming. You’re bleeding any goodwill you had built with your consumers.

  8. welpn the annoying submarine and somewhat unbalance matchmaking but overal i still love and enjoy the game

  9. The Art department is the only positive aspect of the game

  10. Wargaming should collaborate with a 14 year old, they both don’t listen and live in a fantasy world.

  11. If Wargaming would put as much effort into the game as it does thinking up new ways to absolutely fleece their customers, this game could be great.

    Also: “Improvement of A.I. and behavior in battle”? Where? Every match I played in co-op to get the win for festive rewards, bots were still just charging and running into each other.

  12. Being with you since 2015, I’ll remember 2022 as the year that i stopped playing randoms. Enough cv/sub bulls*** for me.

  13. Co-op derping and some scenarios. Not bothering with randoms/pvp anymore.

  14. Year 2022 is year of game starts to die.
    Merging servers cause not enough players
    Submarines made many people quit
    Adding more of them.
    Adding completely fantasy ships.

    This year is where it all started to die

  15. Superships in random battles against T9 is just stupid broken. Place superships in an own gamemode or make players to choose random without superships! Subs are okay although sometimes annoying.

  16. Arms race is great to be added.
    Transformer collab appreciated.

    Ranked and brawls shall not be in parallel.
    Replay player shall be fixed.
    Remove doubloon cost for changing ship improvement modules.

    Do more buffs to old ship lines to be more relevant for the meta like you did for the US BB branch Kansas and up.
    *Cough* give GZ some love.

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