2022 Roadmap For World of Warships

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2022 Roadmap Link: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/waterline-roadmap-update-spring-2022/

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
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  1. If people want to play arms race… They’d select that game mode.

  2. 10:10 : Z-46 “Imma just steal this kill”

    10:48 : Ohio “Git EFFED”

    Though I thought he’d get away with it when your first follow on salvo got a torpedo protection hit. I was like NOOOOOO….

  3. The biggest issue with the PR dockyard ended up not even being from wargamming. It was the player base who decided if they ever saw one in randoms that they could be as toxic as they wanted to players like me. It really made me hate the game not bc of over powered ships or anything else but bc I managed to finish the event other players hated me. Ended up taking about a 6 month break from the game after which caused me to miss both Smolensk and thunderer so ye that sucked. It’s important that people know that when they cause so much trash talking in a game about anything there’s going to be a section of players who use it as an excuse to be assholes to other players.

    • If their behaviour caused you to miss Smolensk and Thunderer then it was clearly GOOD for the game. Those ships are infinitely more harmful to the quality of the game than any individual player could ever manage to be.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      Thunderer was nerfed once publicly and twice silently. So you did not miss much.

    • If you paid for the ship, you told WG its okay to continue those practices, 50-50 blame imo.

  4. I think operations were so neglected because WG didn’t wwant to extend the effort to update the AI-CVs’ behaviour and that’s a real shame.

  5. Re: camo / economic bonuses, of course these are going on the chopping block. WG’s wording of “comfortable” transitions almost always means a change to more anti-consumer policies. Remember when Signals containers used to give 5x of each signal instead of 4x? I know you remember when WG removed signals for heroic achievements… still stings every game. As much as I’d like the visuals of the camos to be independent of the economic bonuses (i.e. a real mix-and-match system), I’m 100% sure WG has some economy-reducing shenanigans planned.

  6. this was back when they had the monthly hall of fame section with rewards for players that finished the missions. on a normal month, it would have thousands of players get the missions done and into the hall of fame, but at the end of the PR dockyard there was only 58-78 (can’t remember the exact number) players that completed the dockyard missions to get the ship for free. this was a mission set that less than 1% of the entire game player base could achieve. there were a lot of players that played for 12 hours a day and still didn’t get it done. i think it had 7 weeks of missions and most players only got to the 4th, maybe 5th set of missions. i never seen any hate to players that got the ship other than some comments about players that paid for it (400.00 bucks) were just encouraging WG to keep doing that type of event. in the end no one is forced to play for any free ships, nor pay cash for them. it is the individual’s choice to do so or not. the money from whales is what keeps the game free to play for the others that choose not to pay for fake pixels on a screen that could be taken away at any time if the game closes its doors.

  7. i don’t trust wargaming’s changes to the economics bonuses. they changed the commander skills but didn’t help players but actually made it harder to get back to what you had with just 19 points by making the most popular skills cost more points. the economic changes will be the same I’m betting. you will still be able to make as many credits OR xp OR FXP as you do now, but you won’t be able to get a camo that pays out 100% xp, 100% FXP and 30% credits. they will make you chose the ONE that you want and not be able to get multiple bonuses from 1 camo. they already took out the flags to reduce the service cost at the end of the match, so i see no reason to believe this new change will be in the players favor at all. i keep hearing stuff about players making too many credits but i don’t see that from most players. i am personally 650mil behind on being able to buy ships and set them up and i am currently working most tier 9 lines so i will have even more debt for getting the tier 10s when i am ready to.

  8. I don’t understand how arms race got into random battles when we have had many better ones, like the recent Blimp mode, that actually work very well with random teams and don’t blow out as much. I found Arms race to be very ship dependent and many were worthless in the game mode adding even more to the blowouts. I’d much rather see a separate, rotating, mode that players who want to play can join. Maybe throw all the weird game modes into it as a “Random Battle” and change current random battles to “standard battles.”

    As for the Puerto Rico I refuse to spend any money on it. I’ll grind out the dockyard for rewards but I won’t reward WG for that ship, even if arguably it is good they are letting people get the ship in a more reasonable event. I expect a ton of people will get it though, and they will make decent money off it.

    I still don’t trust WG to screw the players over with the new flags/camos. They tried to do that with the Missouri and were called out on it. I expect the players will test this hard.

    I wonder how the studio change over will affect things, I assume things are lined/nearly done for a lot of these so will get pushed into the game but the 2023 roadmap may be interesting to see.

  9. Curious to see what they cough up for the IJN CL line, which basically ends at Oyodo and Agano, the latter already in game at T5 and the former being no better than T6 with all of 6 Mogami 155’s and NO torps. (or armor) Everything else is functionally identical to T4 Kuma with slight variations on the number of 140mm single guns and what version of torpedoes are installed.

  10. PR with old commander skill manual secondaries was some of the most fun I had. If I could isolate anyone I’d have no qualms starting a brawl… unless it was a Venzia. I will buying PR fully this time, since have job, and getting steel/RB points.
    “Players who already have X Puerto Rico in their Ports but still build her at this Dockyard will be provided with compensation. We plan to give such players the opportunity to select a bundle with one of the following resources: Doubloons, Steel, Coal, or Research Points. The amount of whichever resource is in the bundle will be enough to obtain any Tier X ship currently available for purchase.”

  11. Actually chuffed about the PR compensation! I remember the grind being particularly ridiculous, and entirely without synergy. And having to do combat missions, one at a time, with requirements such as, 60 million potential damage in a DD….

    The worst part is, the PR sucks. Her armour is great in regards to pulling of gamer turns and not getting citadelled. But she eats ridiculous Pen damage, and will often get chunked 15-20k each and every time she gets spotted, as she still gets focused heavily, like a Moskva.

    Her guns are inconsistent as hell, and no way near reminiscent of how a cruisers guns should perform. She should basically be the ultimate cruiser killer, but trying to get 1 citadel with her, even at mid to close range is a challenge, let alone a dev strike!

    Compensation will be nice! Any T10 ship in the game (if they actually stand by it) sounds awesome. The only question is, which one?!?!

  12. I wanna see savage battles as a permanent game mode. I love savage battles quick knife fights.

  13. 5:55 an alaska that is alot tougher to citadel, gets another 3 barrels to its firepower and is a great alternative for some cb meta ships.

    edit: “easier to obtain”, noone knows yet what this means and knowing WG they can still say “you only need to grind 8 hours daily now instead of 12”.

  14. I’m so hyped about the return of the Convoy mode, it was so fun

  15. Christopher Wilson

    simple change: When you select a sector for AA you cannot change it to the other side of the ship. I would like to see that change.

    • you cant swap like that because it buffs the side you pick, and de-buffs the other side, not likely to ever change

  16. You missed the most important part of the Arms Race addition… No more Epicenter!!! 🙂

  17. I no lifed the rico, and I’m glad to see that they’re at least going to compensate my efforts. Because it was an absolute slog.

  18. I think friendly fire should come back. Makes you think more, without just spamming torps..

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