2023s Best Tips New Players Should Know in World of Warships Legends 4K

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World of warships legends can be a pretty complex game, especially for a new player. Here I have outlined the top tips to help new players get the most out of there world of warships experience.
Derka, Official Community Contributor for the NA server

special thanks to @GauzyGaming for collaborating with me to help me get B roll footage from WoWs PC!

If you’re new to the game, use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


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  1. Okay so the paint is not 1 to 1. Melting paint yields more paint than you break down so it doesn’t actually cost 750 paint for a grade 4 perma

  2. I wish I knew about the global exp instead of wasting it to unlock modules. Nice tips

  3. This channel has a lot of experienced captains! What tips would you recommend for new players?

    • Get good 😂 👍

    • What rolls do ships have and how to set up crossfires. At lower tiers(!) I’m sick of seeing tier 8+ ships with lvl 14 commanders and the content creators saying ‘it’s just that easy’. For example, take the tier 3 Russian BB into a match and get into the top 4 on a regular basis. Anyone can YOLO in a DD and get exp

    • Let um peek made a 36min video about ship roles and how to play them.i would put a link but I don’t know how

    • Practice in the Training Room or AI battles when you obtain new ships and master them before going to standard battles.

    • Don’t look to the AI players for tips on how to play Ha ha, they back up and abandon their spawns! Seriously though.

  4. Great video, wish I had this info available 4 years ago when I started. Spent way to much global on boosting and commander progression. Then one day I realized “What! I can buy ships with that!?” Yea, very necessary info to have, especially for the newer players. Thanks Captain.

  5. Christoffer Ahnstedt

    Great video!
    A small addition om geting commanders as a new player:

    All bureau projects for legendary tier ships award a commander for completing the first segment. New players will benefit from jumping around between projects getting those commanders, instead of being bogged down in later segments where they won’t have the ships or leveled commanders to do decent progress anyway.

  6. Tip 11: Dont abandon your flank

    • Good tip. I tried doing it in a Republique and when I focused a Roon because I can overmatch it he called me a bully and used disrespectful wording.

    • Caveat If your flank is collapsing and you don’t believe you will survive if you stay a fighting retreat is likely the best option

    • DO NOT KITE BACK TO YOUR OWN TEAM THO. Half the time that happens they run away right back to us and it’s like why bro, ur supposed to kite to the furthest corner of the map to take them out of the battle, not just lead them to us anyways lol

  7. Play all classes so u know how to deal with them. Including cv. Even if it’s just a few games its valuable.

  8. Awesome vid Derka.
    One of the best things i did was use the bureau for commanders. Cut down the time to get them by doing that 1st segment and moving on to the next one. If i already had that commander, i used the segment to unlock the legendary skills and not waste my universal commendations.
    I’d also try to get a t7 premium to unlock 2 commander crates a week now that we have that.
    Just don’t go crazy upgrading until you know which ones you need to use.
    3 D

  9. Super glad global xp was your #1. Speaking of which. Any suggestions on which to buy right now? I’ve got 850k but am torn betweem a few.

  10. One of the most important things i would add is dont go down the rabbit hole when you dont have the money stay out of the store.. if your constantly lookin at those ships your gonna buy. If your gonna make a purchase do it and move on dont double dip. When you spend money on those boxes and you dont get a ship its a big let down. Forcing you to grab more deblooms to try again.
    Im at 250.00 dollars spent.

    Thats way to much it took 2 months and i did get a fleet pretty much. But kinda wish i would have only spent half of that or less. Ive gotten good pulls ngl. But alotta those pulls have been ships I don’t even like or even play with like destroyers. Dont get caught up in chasing some super rare ship from those boxes. Its like the lotto you can get lucky but more offen your not

  11. Great video Derka ❤

  12. Great vid as always Derka, here are couple suggestions to add, IME.

    Bureau Project and Commander suggestions to add. Start each new Bureau project for at least a monute or two, shoud WarGaming decide to remove them in the future. Also only activate projects that you currently hold ships and commanders to boost with, this may seem to slow the overall progress, but will actually speed it up in total. This also prevents the 3 month player from getting deleted and losing silver when they pushed for that Shima. Been playing 3 years, and im only jow about to unlock my first Bureau project with the Khabarosk.

    Spend 10.5 mil/week silver for the 3 commander crates, this will get you all your commanders relatively quickly, and keep the Commander XP for leveling them.b

  13. Great video with amazing editing and solid advice. Good job, dude.

  14. Looking back, slogging through tiers 2-4 across the nations kinda sucked but it was 100% necessary and you learn a lot getting vaporized broadside

  15. Great video dude, excellent advice!

  16. Nice Vid mate. Good tips and essentials. However I have an issue or a dilemma where I’m not sure what to do. When your flank is falling and you’re the last one, and are in a battleship, is it right to flee to the edge of the map when being chased by a Brandenburg and trying to destroy a Roon, wasting their time and hopefully giving your team a better chance? Because I did this and the Roon got super angry at me and used disrespectful wording. Even when I tried to offer my perspective, he blocked me. I didn’t even disrespect him, only offered to ask if he was ok since he was hating on me. Did I do right though? Focusing a Roon, and kiting away on my flank?

    • Yeah if you’re going to end up getting sunk, absolutely kite em out, waste their time, etc. And pay no mind to online players lol

  17. Great guide, I’ve been playing this game for around 2 and a half years, but I only got my first tier 7 around a year ago. And only really knew how to play properly when I played my first high tier game.

  18. I would add on the selling ships tips, you also may not be able to get said ship back depending on what the ship is, and how you got it in the first place.

  19. Finna become a pro player now 😎💪

    Also, poor Adam getting Dev struck, again, had me scared for a lil bit to see what happened next, for no reason why or anything 😅

  20. My one tip would be, have fun!
    its a tough game to learn and get good at. just hang in there and be patient. 
    There will be people out there that will poop on you if you play badly or get bad luck.
    If its not constructive criticism, do you best to ignore it and move on.
    Play the way you want learn at your own pace.

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