204K DMG Carry Royal Navy FIJI || World of Warships

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Player: Rock_n_Rolf
Map: Trident

User Description:

Everybody wants to kill Ghost, but Ghost cant do anything Ghost is already banned from chat, insane carry with 2.6k base xp, 204k , 1st blood, 2x DS, confederate, high cal, , its just a flesh wound…

Stupid teammates wanted to kill me probably because ”killsteal” well i did 30k damage on each from that BB’s so go and f*ck yourself if you call that kill steal, i was already banned from chat thats why i was quiet whole game, it was sort of quiet rage 😀

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  1. zum zum zum, capoeira mata um!

    fiji is OP d+

  2. Lol, that Krasy-Krim was not happy about you “kill securing” that BB

  3. Out of curiostiy when does the British Cruisers get competitive. Cause I
    saw a few Tier 6 and 7’s here on this channel

  4. What a scumbag krasy >:( if i were this guy i would put a salvo of AP into
    that guy

  5. I think the reason that guy was trying to team kill is because in his mind
    he felt that Rolf had maybe stolen his kill on that bb on the left edge of
    the map? Even so what a sad little kid lol. Spoilt little brat

  6. Well played Rolf let them crying

  7. Thanks for selecting my replay, you doing great job with your vids keep it

  8. Good show. The Fiji is quite potent in the right hands (even with potato
    AFK battleships and teamkilling scrubs), and at lower tiers the AP only
    thing is not as painful as it is on higher tiers.

  9. 撞山 撞隊友 打自己人

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