20km shima troll – 275k damage || World of Warships

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  1. วันชัย ชุมแสง


    • rly nis good question. It’s like my Asashio battles but he could torp everything, with 3x more torp spot than on Asashio ….

  2. You know what would be troll level Shima.
    Swap all her Torpedo tubes with that of Harugumo’s sextuple tubes complete with reload booster.

  3. How did that Clevland survived?

    • he did not care. I once heard of a drunken guy in my neighborhood who returning late from a party was climbing up through balconies back to his flat – he fell only at 6th floor… and still didn’t even break any bone 8]

    • Farta miał . Ale dał mu dym a ten jak szurnięty leci z takim hp…..

  4. Why don’t people start to build a Shima based on her guns? Go for BFT, AFT and expert marksman ??

    • Fought a shima in my groz who was full gun boat build other then AFT in ranked and ran the 8km torps with speed boost.

  5. RIP salem at the beginning

  6. Poor Salem he got almost obliterated in one salvo at 2:41

  7. ? love it

  8. Shima in 2018 need buff like 16.5,20KM torpedoe with 67-70kt because toradar awerywhere.

  9. An enemy yamato camper line 1/2, 2 BB following a dd line 9/10. And, on middle a good shima with trolling torpedo :). NORMAL !

  10. i don‘t get it… 20km what?

  11. That Detonation on the GK 😀 2:55

  12. It’s ur friendly neighborhood gluesniffing battleship player in a Destroyer. Great -.-

  13. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    13 torp hits for 20km torps – how??? especially when ships have a minimum 15 second reaction time for torps spotted from the moon…

  14. God i really detest these damn walls of skill…

  15. Brink back the Kitakami!

  16. Dumbest Cleveland EVAR!

  17. RIP that salem at the start. Holy broadside batman

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