24 DDs in 1 cap – World of Warships

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24 V-25 DDs all in 1 small cap, nobody is allowed to shoot guns, only torps, nobody is allowed to leave the cap no matter what happens or you are disqualified, last team standing wins.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. that was mighty inconsiderate of you to dodge my torps at the end there Flambass 6:05 xD

  2. I love and miss the Sunday/Funday shenanigans.

  3. better than king of the seas

  4. So this was the catalyst for submarines being in the game.

  5. Holy Torps Batman.

  6. One princess, one cap(,and 23 minions) 😀

  7. that was mighty considerate of you to not dodge my torps at the end there Flambass 9:09 xD

  8. @daniellambert1217

    as a BB main this makes my blood run cold lol must be great fun though !

  9. @FrikInCasualMode

    Torpedo Beat party!

  10. This needs to be a game mode!

  11. That was a lot of fun.

  12. funny and lots of torp beats

  13. @guntherultraboltnovacrunch5248

    Absolutely bonkers! I’m impressed you got 24 players to follow the rules (mostly).

  14. Now imagine that with friendly fire 😀

    • We used to do it with FF on, that way we could get last man standing, was much better that way but what can you do with WG in charge

  15. In WoT, we had a match where everyone was in the tiniest of artilleries, we werent allowed to stop moving, and we just pottered around lobbing bombs at each other. Fun stuff.

  16. It’d be pretty hard to get two full teams of this at tier X, but it’d be crazy to see this with 24 shimas or hallands, just on a small map with no restrictions, islands or polar would be cool.

  17. You need to do this with 24 kitakamis and start when all tubes are loaded

  18. 4:27 Schrödingers Flambass

  19. Flambass: **sweating and dodging for 5 minutes straight**
    Game report: You did nothing.

  20. You should do this again but with the Tier 2 Premium Smith. With no Captain skills it has a 13 second torp reload for 3 single launchers, meaning you can launch a torp every five seconds.

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