251962 DMG Atlanta replay / HEAP – IFHE – World of Warships

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Player: GrossadmiralDonitz
Map: Esturay
User Description:
Just played my best Atlanta game while testing new IFHE resulting in about 140k purely from HE, even though it was based more on luck my division mate than on skil.

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  1. motion sickness warning…

  2. IFHE is almost Op on the Atlanta…too bad the Flint exist.

  3. Are you running a sound mod?

  4. Warning, do not watch if you’re not sober. even when sober be wary of
    motion sickness.

  5. Great game, but I have to mention the intros again. Man, you put a lot of
    work into those. Different ones for each nation. I never skip ’em!

  6. This man’s zooming/observing habits are… eratic.

  7. yeah, Im sorry, but five minutes in and this guys’ scrolling habit is
    giving me a headache xD

  8. camera all over the I’m dizzy this sucks later

  9. Christopher Matarazzo

    difficult to watch but still a great replay

  10. Алекс Тарасов

    Дёрганный уебан, мини карта тебе зачем ?

  11. I want an Atlanta….

  12. Mr.ADHD on mousewheel, yay…btw. it’s written Großadmiral *sigh* kids
    these days…

  13. so I just started WoWs and was wandering what lines to go down. i going to
    go down 3 lines, german bbs and one line of each class could you help me
    out on what the other 2 lines are?

  14. Now *that’s* how to Atlanta!

  15. Right I am going to say this now, this replay was a show off from a game
    full of luck, even thou he did use a strategy by using a team mate for
    playing a destroyer and setting our smoke for him, this is only a rare
    thing and not many players do, it may have sound like a good idea, but it
    was an outclassed match for the enemy, they enemy had tier 5 ships/players
    in the game that didn’t know what there doing and competing against 2
    players with voice communication using premium ships.

    1:30 Being an Atlanta in a low tier battle is way too easy to get a lot of
    damage off because a lot of tier 5 players don’t fully know the game yet,
    but for him teaming with a premium destroyer that is tier VII , the enemy
    is really outclassed by this.
    2:25 Smoke from a Sims which is an American Destroyer, it can last really
    long, and using it for an Atlanta makes it really OP and unfair, and even
    so an Atlanta has enough firepower which is way too much, he has a Sims
    helping out with the firepower too plus extra torpedoes.
    2:41 I would felt sorry for that Kiev being a tier V and facing and being
    focused by 2 Tier VII ships, if I was that Kiev, I would have given up the
    match now or probably rage in chat the entire time, because there is no way
    or surviving that kind of ambush, but lucky he got away thou.
    3:49 Well even thou there is help on the way for the enemy, even thou they
    did have a Kirov at Tier V and Graf Spee at Premium Tier VI, its not enough
    to fight what they are dealing with, the Graf Spee is supposed to be good
    and yes I sick of fighting it, but again those ships we’re all lower tier
    and they would not stand a chance.
    4:38 I swear if you think this is strategy by dodging torpedoes, that
    moment where that torpedo ran out of range, practically anyone can say that
    was just LUCK, normally he would’ve hit it.
    5:14 Oh here is a New York coming around the corner heading into the worst
    place possible where he is going to get destroyed any second by the team,
    but the only reason why he was able to get the most damage off from him and
    not anyone else in the team, he has the constant reloaded HE and fires to
    get most damage off, that was practically a lot off free damage to get.
    6:49 OH LOOK! Another New York who’s low health in a bad position, well for
    him that’s more free damage and luck.
    10:59 Ok this is supposed to be a real fight, an Atlanta versing a
    Scharnhorst, same tier and premium, oh wait just realized this wasn’t fair
    battle now, his teammate destroyer comes along sets off more torpedoes and
    gives him smoke, wow so whats the Scharnhorst going to do now?
    11:38 Ok I don’t think that this should be a thing thing where a cruiser
    can use a mountain and still be able to get shots off on to that
    Scharnhorst, not fair that Battleship couldn’t do much situation, so again
    he’s able to kill him and get more *lucky* damage.
    12:36 Ok well for another chance for him to have a fair match, but with
    another Tier VII Battleship but not premium thou but, its still way too
    unfair since he’s using smoke from his teammate destroyer, oh and next
    thing he launches torpedoes, I was really hoping this Nagato would know
    that it would be a good idea to turn in instead of being hit by 3 torpedoes
    at the end, oh now’s out of the smoke, the Nagato sees him now, but has to
    reload his guns, that battleship suffered to same way just like the
    13:38 *Now come on seriously?, I felt really bad for that destroyer, its a
    destroyers nightmare to see an Atlanta coming around the corner while being
    beached at a rock, like come on, for him being a Tier V and premium too, I
    still hate the matchmaking, how was there any chance for that Destroyer to
    do anything but watch him self get shot by an Atlanta at close range?*
    14:01 At this point, he can just farm damage off that Ranger, no skill
    intended, just luck of seeing him there, oh wait he has a Myoko to deal
    with, lets see if he survive’s this? : 14:33 Well using the same of lucky
    technique of getting shots off by using a rocky mountain again, I don’t
    understand how none of these normal Tier VII Cruisers don’t get as much
    firepower as the Atlanta, like not even just a bit.
    14:41 Okay now he is just going to earn himself lots of damage points from
    this, and I don’t get how he gets 4 citadels from shooting HE onto a
    Aircraft Carrier, and again it must suck to play a Carrier when your in
    close range with a Cruiser.

    *So as I said in my previous comment on this channel, 99% of these replays
    submitted, are just players showing off there lucky moments by getting tons
    of damage, I’ll even show you my previous comment right here* :

    *He is not using any stragedy, he is just recording his lucky moments of
    getting free kills and that’s all, one ship getting destroyed at a time
    with no support, you saw what happened, seeing a real replay with earned
    kills and damage, would be like fighting non stop, dodging nonstop & using
    a good strategy, this video was 0% of that.*

  16. Beautiful replay.

  17. focvus on your target, stop looking back ffs, it is bloody annoying

  18. Remember Children, the Atlanta is not a good ship at all!
    Fucking amazing game m8! Makes me want to re-spec from BTF+AFT to BFT+IFHE
    for my level 3 and 4 skills – my dedicated Atlanta captain is at 10 points
    – and while I know it still matters of course, I don’t see stealth as a
    MAJOR skill for the Atlanta, as unless you are either in smoke or behind a
    mountain you will ALWAYS be spotted when firing – and if you want to have a
    game like this, you will almost ALWAYS be firing!

    Just wondering if giving up that range is worth the IFHE damage increase,
    especially without having Demo Expert yet… God I wish I could afford to
    just BUY my captains all the way to 19 points! Without Demo Expert and
    using IFHE that is just a 2% fire chance!

  19. couldn’t watch…..i threw up….thanks dick.

  20. Good player but stupid, use shift lol

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