260K DMG Atago in tier X Match – World of Warships

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AP_Roadkill VIII

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    Another good video……well done

  2. 11:44 pure Luck

  3. 9:50 showed broadside to 3 BBs including a Montana and survived, cause they were all shooting HE. The enemy did have some noobs in the team…

  4. 11:44 how much luck can a human have…..

  5. Eh. Barely a tier 10 game.

  6. I like watching the low-tier captains playing like a boss…Nicely done, and great video!

  7. Atago still best girl

  8. 11:44 THAT WAS EPIC GOLD MOMENT, what could you be wishing for salvation in time when you beached in front of T10 BB ready pointing gun at you in T8 cruiser + showing perfect boardside

  9. The way I played reminded me of a Fletcher

  10. Panzer… just because it is a high dmg game doesnt mean it is well played… its more based on luck by the player… i dont really enjoy seeing this “top replays” with the players doing this mistakes… i’d rather see a video with real teamplay and skill involved… plays that change the games 🙂

  11. That Tirpitz detonation.

  12. No premium damage con in a premium ship?

  13. A lot of mistakes, but retarded ennemies so no punishment, and a super lucky detonation that gave him more than 30% of the total amount of damage…

  14. Nice ship, nice battle !

  15. Good thing his torps killed that CL when he beached himself…

  16. Atago, the best cruiser in tier 8. Even CBT.

  17. ich hab das spiel neu installiert und jetzt hab ich nicht mehr die schiffe links und rechts aufgelistet. kann mir wer sagen was ich bei den einstellungen aktivieren soll

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