281k damge 8 kills 15 citadels DES MOINES || World of Warships

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  1. Kutusow…^^

  2. omg mino and salem,epic facepalm….

  3. Impressive numbers, but to be fair most of that was handed to him for free.. That Salem and Minotaur didn’t exactly make it tough. Well played nevertheless!

  4. 4:00
    that minotaur must feel really regret that facing the angry des moines alone

    • Is there no way out of this situation? Like charging and then turning just before DM and torping? In Theorie I mean. That means if DM does the perfect counter against this.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Zen_Man DM would still wreck the Mino before the latter can get enough angle to torp. DM is one of the ships a Mino must never gets too close. As you can see the Mino dies in that one salvo although he gives enough angle to bounce off normal AP shells.

  5. 芙蘭衛隊-冷泉裝甲師

    Stupid Salem use HE and dont angle to Des

  6. the stupidness of the enemy team is beyond measure

  7. Range DM sucks… ?

  8. Player who has grinded until T7 and only needed 10.000 matches !!! talks to himself:

    “Oh, I got 200 k coal, mmmmh which ship do I buy? Aaaaahhh, this one looks nice and the name is cute. “Salem”. This one I buy.

    Result: Salem in this match…

  9. Dm are hard to master, even i have it for 1,000,000XP but i still asking ppl how to des moines….XD

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