2nd BEST DMG score on all servers on Des Moines || World of Warships

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  1. Natthaphong Wongwai


  2. “Some games are unwinnable” …

  3. Second best overall or second best is Des Moines?

  4. Imagine his XP if they were to win…

    • 3386. not to crazy like some other games posted since a majority of dmg was done to bb’s but still fairly good.

    • It would have been 4.500 raw xp (and that’s huge). The XP shown at the main score screen is useless : you have bonuses and multipliers, you can go up to 12k. Only raw xp matters (the one you see in the scoreboard). So, i’d say Dymags98 doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    • More XP can have if u CAP or kill a lot of planes, so that XP were from DMG mostly.

    • Derkomai22 you multiply the losing “raw” base XP by 1.5 to getting the winning raw, and I am talking about the raw XP…….If you’re going to criticize someone please know what you’re talking about and who you’re talking too especially when they play with game developers and they take my personal feedback on their game…..Just incase you can’t read between the lines “raw base XP” is on the teamscore page (winning gives you a 1.5x multiplier bonus) so you’re wrong and 3386 is correct.

    • yes his XP would of been much greater if he had planes kills and caps. I’m just saying that dmg to dd’s and ca’s is worth more than bb’s which is why I said it was fairly good for a large amount of dmg to bb’s, but you are correct 🙂

  5. People are missing the point on why they lost, its because he has no clue what to do except farm easy dmg.Has selfish hydro , and still doesnt use it and the out of cd radao, doesnt go in A to wreck the enemy dds and save his teamates….

    • Cruisers are the DMG Dealers of World of Warships. a Cruiser cant win alone he did his Jop perfectly!

    • “save his teammates” – lul. Staying alive longer than a Yamato and Conq … lul. He wasn’t the only cruiser in the game, and it’s not his fault his mates didn’t have any situational awareness and sailing in a straght line to eat torps. And he punished DD’s when they were spotted.
      If a random person jumps on to this channel for the first time, would think everyone is a Super Unicum based on the comments 😉

    • At the and he did a mistake,when the GK and the DD was spotted he starts to shoot the DD instead of finishing the GK(he was low on hp and on fire).The DD had send his torps and couldn’t kill the DM with his guns that’s why he was killed.

    • His team easily could have won, but he had no idea how to use his radar effectively… He went for the Damage, not the win


  7. A loss ? A LOSS ? !

  8. My god, his team….

  9. First DMG score is Delysidus too 🙂

  10. Played against this clan earlier, they were in a division of 3 Des Moines, their team also had a Moskva and Missouri. It was fucking cancerous.

  11. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    His positioning….is VERY BAD in the last 25% of the battle…he could have help assist the tirpitz, fuck up the DDs with radar instead of farming the GK while kiting to the edge of the map

    • I had to kill that BB. he was to close to me to assist kutu BTW kutu should win this fight with dd and i want ot take aggro from g kurfust ,but He wasyn’t so stupid to chase me so i make mistake to swimm around island at end. Anyway kutu failed and tirpitz too. we lost 3 caps, so even if i get to A sooner as u said i will had problem with BB and 3DDs. Even if we get A we were still losing in points. Kutu failed anyway and probably tirpitz too. I had sonar on CD. Probably that battle was lost anyway.

    • 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

      but good play in the first 75% tho, the BBs somehow overextended to enemy spawn.

  12. First of all havocgr1976 i have 1st( https://replayswows.com/replay/10980#stats) and 2nd score on all servers on Des moines and i have on that ship about 75% win rate SOLO, so probably is the biggest win rate solo on that ship. Your comments smells jealousy.Meybe becouse your stats or meybe we know each other and u dont like me. If its your acoount “havocgr” u have 51% win rate and u dont have that ship, so u dont know how fast that ship can sunk on open sea(faster than baltimore). When u will have Des moines pls send us replay how to play beeter than me (do more than 75% win rate). About your analyse. U make a lot of mistakes. I was shooting and radaring enemy dds at A but it was to rysky to get closer, sonar was ussless so i didynt use this a lot. I need to stay close to islands where is much savier for des moines from enemy BBs. After killing the dm donskoi i saw points, 3 caps lost and i know that the battle was lost, so i decided to do as much dmg as i could. My team failed At C totally. At hte end u can see what my team did in this battle. BTW i dont know why that replay is on YT. i was wroting to pasch to not put my replays on YT. At least not now. Sorry for my English.

    • Ok man relax, nothing personal.Yeah I am on Baltimore, was mostly talking about the last 5ish mins, before it was played perfectly.Ok that “i know that the battle was lost, so i decided to do as much dmg as i could” explains it then.GG,WP and I am an average player,I know that, I see no reason of being jealous of better players.

  13. Using hydro on a DM…. questionable to say the least…his positioning at the start was fine, conserving HP is good in a cruiser, and Mtn Range is horrible map for USN cruisers… But he went for the Damage, not the caps ..his radar could have easily won the game

    • Not really. Every single game is going to have dds on both sides. Hell half the games are 5 on each. Hydro will be effective every single match. How often are you running into a single cv? I can play all day on NA and not see any.

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