3.2k base exp new Akizuki || World of Warships

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  1. So … what exactly did they change about the Akizuki?

    • They changed the HE pentration so ist 1/4 th of its caliber now instead of 1/6 th. So you dont need to have an IFHE captain anymore to penetrate enemy DDs or BB superstructure with HE. If you keep IFHE you could also penetrate 32mm of armour. They also nerfed the manouverability a little bit i think so it doesnt get too strong.

    • they also nerfed the concealment

    • Yes, heaven forbid a Japanese destroyer be too good. 9_9

  2. Aww my record is only 2.7k 🙁

  3. 6:05 – Let’s just blow a consumable because reasons?! Worst use of the torpedo reload I’ve ever seen… aside from when I first used it when that consumable just came out.

  4. 0 teamwork in chat…

  5. アドミラルヒッパー

    I want replay vids…my eyes going dead for zoom in zoom out

  6. Broadside zao and he fires HE?

  7. The Akizuki always been hands down my favorite DD. I still have not got rid of it because how much fun it is, mostly trolling CV’s

  8. 3:24 he first blood enemy akizuki with blind torps but dmg is only 15900, enemy akizuki ate dmg from his teammate or what …

  9. scroll puking

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