3 Happy Little Pommerns – World of Warships

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We were determined to get some brawling no matter what that day, so here it is. Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Turns between islands to avoid Hippers torps – gets torped by Hipper.

  2. Finished making breakfast, sat down, took out my laptop, open YT, Flambino video out 7 mins ago. This is peak life

  3. So are you completely back to WoWs? What’s exactly going on?

  4. Sometimes getting stuck in is the best. And usually raises a few laughs. Especially when the opposition don’t have the stomach for direct and up personal confrontation

  5. surprised his torps didn’t get disabled. Seems i lose both of them every time i play the pomm.

  6. Not a bad move by “our” SHIMA at the end. Better to stay alive and keep their SHIMA spotted than losing her guns blazing. Torps may not hit, but will affect their SHIMA’s ability to dodge shells.

    • It’s not “either or”, though. Using your torps in a Shima should not take more than 1-2 seconds, which is waaaaay shorter than the reload of your guns. There was no benefit to not using his guns in this situation. If you shoot him in addition to your torps, you might even disable some modules and make it harder for him to dodge your torps. It’s either a gunbattle to the death, in which case you have the advantage since you have backup, or one of the two will smoke up, in which case it’s better to have scored some damage than none at all.

    • @Tobias Reinhold Fair enough, but they were a bit harsh on the old fellow!

    • @NJ R True, they were rather harsh. (Not as much as Penetrator in chat, but still.) That being said, I have seen quite a lot of their battles at Tier 10 and it’s become very apparent that a massive number of Shimakaze players don’t use their guns at all. The guns have bad handling, but they hit like a truck (for DD standards), so I can understand their frustration if your teammate is risking your teams chance at winning by not utilising their own ship.

  7. The AA baiting thing with air strikes is so dumb.

  8. I actually got Ocean map yesterday after about 2 years of not seeing it. I was a bit amazed.
    I love the Pomm she is a wonderful ship… She makes me think of a Super Tirpitz.

  9. I just recently learned how IFHE helps the damage of my secondary builds lol.

  10. 16:00 When the Tashkent shoots him… totally realistic firing arcs…🤣🤣

  11. Hans did you enjoy brawling in a german bb again?

  12. i think the reason why the water movement doesnt match the ship-movement is, that the water is probably a computed shader, so basically only running on the graphics card, and the ship-movement is just a complete “standalone” animation depending on your ships-speed handled by the CPU, and thats about it..
    it is really viable to use a shader for this.. the thing is, what the shader has to calculate perfectly, the ship movement could just predict roughly to animate matching to the speed AND the shader, but it’s highly likely that that is still very heavy on the CPU for “just” matching up the movement

  13. Three little birds, Pitch by my doorstep, Singin’ sweet songs, Of melodies pure and true Sayin’, (“This is my message to you-ou-ou”) “Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right” – B. Marley

  14. 16:01 what kind of physics is governing the trajectories of those shells? They never told me about that in the lectures I attended!

  15. Three Pommerns, three Pommerns were gifted to the Elves, wisest and fairest of all … 🤔

  16. The F. Schultz played a hell of a game. You should have complimented him. He got f’d early and made it to the end, contributing all the way. I want him on my team.

  17. Sounds like a Bob Ross painting.
    “There are no accidents, just happy little magazine detonations.”

  18. where and how do i get that mod for wow? i dont know much about mods

  19. I thought they were using Montana’s from the thumbnail until i saw the tittle because Flambass and Montana were never good friends.

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