3 Nelsons 9 Turrets 27 NUCLEAR HE Bombs | Focus Fire (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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  1. When you finally decide to stop playing war thunder after a whole year but go and play a game exactly the same

  2. Phly you might wanna check your sound mixing, I couldn’t hear anything over the constant blaring of “Rule Brittania!” but maybe that’s on my end?

  3. Wow I literally just finished watching Drachinifel’s guide to the Nelson 1 minute before you uploaded this!

  4. リョウシピー

    When Phly shoots HE at a broadside BB…
    *internal screaming*

  5. 15:15 “After two failed attempts”
    What happened there

  6. Woah, no one remembers the developers of the game they are playing?

  7. 14:38 *initiate Nelson death triangle: target… Nelson*

  8. Phly you have to send a replay of a triple Nelsons Division to Jingles.

    • @philipje1 please provide your evidence

    • Arthur Broadbent

      @philipje1 Ermm i’ve followed jingles for a long time and i’ve never heard of this before – i can’t imagine him saying it either – he was probably just joking about the french and i doubt he would actually mention concentration camps

    • the golden gamer

      @philipje1 where did he say that

    • philipje1 can I have the quote? Because remember while some were in concentrations camps others had the French on their side.

    • philipje1 that was most likely a joke that flew over your head, jingles likes to poke at the French as well as most of the other allies, but never directly something like that. Provide evidence to prove me wrong, by all means, but until then I think you misinterpreted something 🙂

  9. Michał Witkowski

    Go for 3x Yamato next time ^^ or “Super-Yamato”

  10. @Kevin Geremia should take a look at apache air assault too. By Gaijin too

  11. Phly: *Plays World of Warships*
    Gaijin: *”Wait, that’s illegal”*

  12. Never understood why they just go invisible when out of spotting range ._.

    • @Batonya12561 Nah, but when a tank sitting on the opposite side of a rock that I’m positioned behind* I don’t want them to suddenly materialize into view and shoot me in the ass, not to mention if I’m staring right at a light tank and it’s moving away from me it shouldn’t just vanish into thin air causing me to possibly miss a shot.

      It gets especially fucky on _console_

    • Tbh I think it works really well in World of Warships, but sucks in World of Tanks

    • @Thewhiplash1231 So you complain about an arcade mechanic but don’t want a realistic one ? I’m genuinly confused

    • @Flacke well if we can’t have the realistic one, since it’s an arcade game, atleast adjust the absurdity in the current spotting system and find a happy middle ground, you get what I mean?

    • @Thewhiplash1231 The spotting system is fine as it is imo. I don’t know what you call a middle ground but I’m interested to know 😮

  13. [GD] TheRealPanemic

    This boi have a giant citadel

    I rlly lige to sport him with my japanese thicc guns

  14. @apenas um nome de canal those guys made games about planes at least since the 90’s

  15. 14:35 it looked like a scene from pirates of the Caribbean. Brilliant.

  16. 14:30 “It’s Just … Good Business…”

  17. Peter Cushing: “You may fire when ready”

  18. I loved that game, I played that a lot on ps3

  19. When phly play World of warship instead warthunder naval mode..

    Gaijin: Sluts!

  20. H.M.S. Hood

  21. 11:41 fire on the Queen?
    HEY, that treason !

  22. Which server do you play on phly?

  23. Epic gamer moments

  24. Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    My question is how USS Alaska would perform…

  25. Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    Like uss alaska was the real top of the food chain Cruiser…Damn thing was more like a battleship with its 9 12inch guns with Heavy Cruiser armor…So it wouldnt have stood much of a chance against an odd undergunned by very well armored battleship like Scharnhorst with its thick armor and 9 small for the time 11inch guns…and any of the Dreadnoughts would rape it, despite its speed…But it’s far too OP against Heavy Cruisers…It would be in an odd position…Too powerful against any cruiser but easy pickings for ww1 era Dreadnoughts with there thick armor

  26. Thunderbolt 657mm

    *shoots in magazine*

  27. Send to Jingles

  28. Phly, you should play more WoWs! These videos are always fun

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