3 SEC RELOAD HENRY 4 in ARMS RACE ^^ World of Warships

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  1. on a different note, why are you not commentating? is it impossible because of the gameplay (the way the video gets edited if at all) or is it a language thing where you can’t decide if you speak english or German? (I speak both)

    • Hey mate. Its a bit of i cant decide if german ( not everybody will understand me ) or english ( its ok but not my mother language ) aaaand the fact i just like “clean” replays because sometimes i think its just better to let the replays speak for themselves. Last thing is, i have another Job ( and a family ) and just wouldnt have the time to comment on all replays i want to show. i do this channel alone without other people and its a good bit of time everyday to do this 🙂 ( some think i have a team working on this )
      best regards Pasch

    • Panzerknacker no worries my dear. I am pretty much home all day (körperlich behindert, manchmal auch geistig 😂) and also have a family and 5 kids. I get it.
      thanks for the answer (I kept to English so everyone can read it even if they don’t give a shit haha)
      many thanks

    • Panzerknacker oh I do live in England if you ever need help with anything English.
      bilingual to the max 😄

  2. Henry just became hands down the scariest warship in the game.

  3. This dude trying to quick scope 360 everyone.

  4. Wait… did he just get last second screwed out of a Kraken? Dang. FeelsBadMan.

  5. I just noticed you can check enemy ships speed by using torp mode, am I stupid or is this just smart

  6. What’s with all the citadels?? Where the enemy ships just giving the broadsides on a platter?!?

  7. Panzer are you want to play with me? I have moskva montana and sima.

  8. Henry, some players ride her and belive they can evase first salvo of long range bb salvo..
    However if bb aimed 15 points dynamic, Henry loses half of his HP at start;;

    Speed is not the only strength henry has

  9. 13:32 OVERMATCHUU !! BTW this guy is an excellent player, he knows the strengths and the weaknesses of it’s ship, when use his reload booster, uses the torps to know the speed of the ships….
    Pretty sure that guy is an unicum or super-unicum player.

  10. This player know how to ride Henry expertly

  11. Der hat sich geärgert zum Schluss xD

  12. wait. naked henry!!! 😀

  13. this kills the Minotaur

  14. Wait?? 4 and a half minute soeed boost?

  15. Пурген Пургенычъ

    Ебанутый, стоит за двумя островами и примеряет торпеды….

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