3 subs go down -ANTI Submarine Warfare – World of Warships

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  1. Amazing gameplay mate ✌️

  2. Robert James Hardick

    Now we just need a plane armed with depth charge too for CV. Oh and the turret on the submarine should be fireable.

  3. reverse depth charge…..

  4. Not bad but….. I must laugh over the ship Captains who tried and tried to fire apone the Submarines while they were dieving. It stands in big letters next to the cross that they cannot be hit but they still try it to hit them with gun shots instead of water Bombs.

    No wonder that Wot and Wot are having the call of Brain AFKlers when I watch this :).

  5. This is fine for this tier. Wait til Radar and CV’s are involved in higher tiers and let’s see how long a DD will last and Subs and CV’s will be the last ships still alive.

    • @Árpád Czobor what i also think so too…
      Modern destroyer roles are escort warships of the main fleet protecting the main fleet from enemy subs they are the vanguards of the whole fleet.
      While they still reprise the role of reconisance but the major role of subs is to be a hunter in deep enemy territory. Thus destroyer now play a multirole more than ever before.
      Now i feel bad for the large surface ships like the battleships

    • @hond654 subs can cap you know

    • @Árpád Czobor yes but they are slow and they can not cap submerged. So we have to see who goes for cap and when. DD smoke was already useless at higher tiers, now subs can prevent DD capping.

    • @Árpád Czobor An interesting thought; I’ve long thought that we effectively already have subs in game with destroyers able to dart around cloaked and fire torpedoes at things.

    • @Vic McLaglen lol good job there dude.

  6. It’s look like bot subs. And look while surface ships still intact DD can’t hunt subs. Cause it make DD vulnerable

  7. Harasha Dheekollu


  8. I’m still waiting for the Jpn “ISE” that was half Battleship and half CV lol

  9. Imagine playing CV kekw

  10. So if I’m in a bb and I shoot at a sub, wouldn’t an overpen be just as problematic as a citadel for the submarine? It can’t be that way in game obviously but I’m just sayinh

    • Darío Ezequiel Garay

      A direct hit whit a heavy caliber over a submarine should be instant kill or at least make then unable to dive for the rest of the game

  11. Guess there’s no point in picking any other type of ship since DDs can do it all: Depth charges for Subs, regular guns for DDs and Cruisers, and Torps for everything. Might as well cal it “World of Destroyers.”

  12. When will the submarines get out for wows

  13. Its just weird to see people trying to shoot at subs when they are 20+ meters below the surface where the he splash wont affect the subs, instead of when the subs are at the surface like at 10:12 where the U-66 sub is literally on the surface (1.4 m). When it comes to subs the km is the distance (just under the player name) and the m is the depth (under the distance). Not blaming anyone but it is quite easy to see that WG put the depth gauge(m) on subs for a reason. Other than that, nice gameplay, and keep the videos coming they’re great.

  14. I like the way it’s going. It looks fun to hunt a sub in a ddd

  15. Would have been blasted 10 times by human players (CL n BBs). Not even mentioning radars and CVs.

  16. american DDs were amazing for catching submarines

  17. 頭銅學花式送

    I guess the carpet bomer of British CV will be useful when hunting subs

  18. *Submarine see DD*
    Submarine: *chukles* i in danger

  19. How deep submarine can avoid it?

  20. French DD with german voice? Must have surrendered…

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