3 Things You Should Do In World of Warships

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I’m not gone, I promise 🙂 Here’s a video where I discuss 3 things you really should do in game to get better.


  1. Just in time cause I was getting burn out of losing

  2. It’s fine iChase, don’t stress yourself out!

  3. The main take away is out shoot and God willing out RNG the enemy!!!!

  4. Hi Chase, we met in 2015 during the first ever TwitchCon in SF @ WGs after party. Can you please play the Iwaki Alpha and post about it. I recently played mine and I think they nerfed the hell out of it. I used to be able to stealth torp but not my detection is further than the range. Can you play it once to show us 200 players who have it how it show work?

  5. So I have a bit of a request in case you see this comment Chase: would it be possible to make a video like this, but on the subject of trying to carry a team? Or bring a game back from the brink? The past couple days I’ve been playing Petro trying to help a friend, and I do rather well damage wise, and kill wise, but we still end up losing a decent chunk of the games (I believe I currently have about a 40% ish WR in Petro, and I just really started playing it this week, but I’ve had it for a while and understand the line’s playstyle) If you have any tips on how to bring a game back from a loss I’d be really curious on how to improve my “my team is outnumbered but we still have a chance” gameplay, if that makes any sense. As I had plenty of matches the other day where I feel I could’ve won, even if it was like a 3v1 or 4v1 on a flank, but I’m just not sure how to conduct myself in these scenarios.

    Anyways, great video as always, much appreciation for trying to help everyone improve their gameplay. 😀

    • I feel you man. Last night in an NC…three straight games over 120k, multiple kills, 2.5 million potential…three straight losses. Its like the rest of the team didn’t notice that I was standing firm to hold the line and they needed to push. Tier 8 and 10 matches. Frustrating.

    • That was a game where Luke in the GK carried it. If he’d been on the enemy team, that team would have won.
      There was really good shooting there. Plus positioning and angling and juking. Plus playing his role well.
      Those are the basics of carrying.
      The remaining main thing is knowing what to do in the end game to close games out. That’s something that would take dozens, maybe hundreds of videos to cover, because of all the different situations you can be in.
      And then there’s things like playing in ships that suit you…

    • @Lin T the basis of the question is more to do with the latter half of the match. The best way I can put it is to simply say that I’d like to know how to better conduct yourself if your team is on say 1-3 ships including yourself, and the enemy is still on 5-7 ships, with the enemy holding a cap advantage. A scenario like that is where I tend to fail at bringing about a win. And I’m well aware that you won’t be able to win every match like that, and the odds are clearly stacked against you, but I’ve seen plenty of better players than I pull it off, and I’m simply curious about tips concerning doing so. A video covering how you should be thinking, and how you can force the odds to better favor you, and the general things you can do to just not get swarmed by the enemy in a case like that is what I was requesting there.

  6. ” […] and if your team does anything right […] ”
    Yeah, no… no.

  7. Emperor Londo Mollari

    1) Kill steal
    2) Sacrifice friendlies for your gain.
    3) Always use the karma system to report good players for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

    That is how we play this game in Centari Prime.

  8. ME degree? Hang in there buddy, if I could get through it so can you.

  9. 45 seconds into the match: “I’m surrounded by potatoes”

  10. You can’t beat learning about Pipes , Valves and flanges

  11. This is hard countered by two he spamming ships.

  12. Every time Im hopping into GK these days I just get grilled to death

  13. Chase what I learned, broadside AP angeld means HE. And switch in between targets don’t stay too long on one target…

  14. The other thing that can be undervalued is if you’re paying attention to where enemies have positioned and which flank they’re pushing, you can help teammates who maybe aren’t so aware avoid throwing their ship away or help initiate a push against a weak flank. It’s amazing how often this little thing can turn a game.
    I really like your videos where you try to help players improve. Whenever I watch your videos my play always seems to improve slightly, even after 3 years of playing. In fact, your tutorial on Japanese cruisers has transformed the line for me; I was very ‘meh’ the first time, but currently regrinding and loving them all.

  15. Well, I want to say a few things that it really depends on everything in WoWs like what ship you have and most importantly how are your teammates doing! I can give my example I’m grinding for Bismarck and I’m a 1-month-old player the thing is I’m getting overmatched with high-tier ships such as T8 AND T9 and you can’t really go out against them without support. I always try to play as a team player but everyone rest is just doing XP farm that’s all. I will really appreciate it if you make a video on how low-tier ships can play against high-tier ships. ~Thanks!

  16. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    if he had better fire prevention, he would’ve survived

  17. I really like the game and I dont even give a damn about my personal win rate but care about the team win. I find so many players play so conservatively they do nothing until the game is over half over. Thats what drives me nuts.

  18. yeah….that was cute. Now, show us how to stay somewhat competitive when down tier with a low skill commander and stock ship, I want to see that video. Not, yet another, tier X where everything is equal and most of the combatants have the same skill level and commander level.

  19. There is just one problem

    Most noob won’t even watch this video, they won’ t even watch any guides that would help them.

    • True… but hey! Im a noob and im watching this, so thats something…
      Note: i have a kurfurst, its my only tier x, but im really bad at playing it. I havent spent a single penny on the game, im just bad at it but commited at getting the high tier ships

  20. What are you studying? Sound like fluid dynamics?

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