300K, 7 Kills, Open Water Worcester carry vs Super Unicum CV || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Quel pedofago di Stalin
  2. Number S%X

  3. Can i please get a heart cuz iam early

    Ps love ur vids

  4. OP ship! Ez mode with this ship!

  5. Антон Обухов


  6. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    *Yawn,* wake me when hiding behind an island replays are exciting.

  7. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    Le Art of Carrying.

  8. This Camera switching back and furth grave me a headace 🙂 why would rather demoines or worcester? Need advise

  9. Well PiecesofPizza is a God in general.

  10. wtf, super unicum?

  11. This ship need to be nerf! QUICKLY!

  12. absolute monster…..

  13. Cancer ship but Im still grinding for it lol.

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