300K DMG Comeback || World of Warships

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  1. 15:30 dumbest Monatana player i have ever seen.

    • leader max92 totally agree bro, I kept facepalming… like why! Wtf are you doing?!

    • totally true! how did he miss that last salvo not to mention that he was on less than 1,000 HP! he was also showing broadside multiple times! this montana is also comparable to that yamato in that amagi replay!

    • Please pass the brain bleach so I can get that out of my head…

  2. The enemy team was just a sack of potatoes, and that Montana…. how did she miss at that range…
    But hey, I wish all my games in the GK went like that.


  4. You are a very lucky guy,
    beautiful move ..

  5. Clickbait that’s not 300k but 299 987 ! #deception x)

  6. how in the hell did he survive the last one!

  7. huntedBYtelevision

    Kann mir jemand sagen, wie das benutze Fadenkreuz heisst bzw. wo ich es finde? Danke vorab schon mal!
    PLS, what’s crosshairs name?

  8. He dont know how to off sniper mode? Why he scrolling mouse instead of Shift. Eye cancer.

  9. That montana was a noob !

  10. Safwan Sulaiman

    stupid montana ever. 😀

  11. Omg that Montana

  12. German accuracy on this game is such a joke

  13. WoW steely eyed battleship captain.

  14. BjoernderGrosse

    OmG this Montana Noob !!!!

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