300k+ dmg Shima game World of Warships

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an impressive damage output, but no CV and not many radar ships are essential for such results. You simply cannot play Shima as you have been doing it in the golden age of IJN torpedo boats.

  2. 17:37 Bye Worcester lel

  3. that was just to easy

  4. why no result 🙁

  5. I’m a simple man, I see Shima video, I click instantly.

  6. Balls of steel on Hindenburg 1v1

  7. สายโหด กระโดดเย็ด

    Next Iowa gameplay.

  8. Almost unrealistic battle, no planes around, no radars, all the enemy ships concentrated in 2 spots and not moving…

  9. Perfect torping?

  10. Парвиз Алиев

    шикарный бой

  11. the shimmy wasn’t pushed or challenged for the first eleven minutes so i stopped watching. Having the luxury of not being under pressure and unloading torps into stationary or bunched targets is not impressive. The one main thing to appreciate is the fact the captain kept their guns silent to maintain concealment.

    • Only thing you missed is how to find a pocket that is not challenged and use it as an advantage. And every win is enemy’s incompetence to some extent, don’t really see a point.

  12. Did this player not have last stand? His fleet at A cap couldn’t be relied on, they hardly moved at all even when game turned into their favor. This player definitely made the difference. Well done

  13. ॐKastigadorॐ Castiga

    Torpedos que alcançam 20 kilometros quer o que, ai é fácil.

  14. Some people go their entire adult lives without experiencing a game this perfect… for torpedo boats like the Shima, anyway. Very Tier 10, timid players, No CV, lots of BB’s, minimal gunboat DD’s, and practically no radar? It’s like candyland.

  15. Молодец, красивый бой

  16. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    Die Shimakaze ist für mich der beste Zerstörer.

  17. Khonomamadeva hyuwara syenai…

  18. Алексей Пынзарь

    Bravo! Великолепно!

  19. Absolutely perfect positioning. The player took advantage of gaps in the enemy line and set himself up to be on the flank of the enemy movement. Good game, well played.

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