300K Zao vs Weekend || World of Warships

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  1. Hilarious, and unlucky. Needs to lead a tad more in general. Funny title…

  2. Dumbass completely ruined it for himself in the end. The Montana was flooding, so he could just have turned away to become a small target while letting the Montana die. Instead he kept being almost broadside, which let the Montana hit him easier…

  3. Well stupid teammates + stupid enemies. Kind of sad to see that the final man standing & the final kill is a HE firing Montana.

  4. He deserved the loss in the end, the smart play was to cap c and play time but he thought he was invincible and thought he could take a pretty much full hp BB. silly boy.

  5. He played quite well some times, and badly others. Weekend indeed.

  6. This is not some “weekend” thing – generally high tiers are full of noobs which don’t bother to learn the basics. And WG supports them – gives away free medium tier ships, sells high tier premiums without ANY requirements from the player, provides many “pay2grind” helpers like signals, camouflages, “container missions” which any potato can simply buy. WG prefers “rotation” over dedicated player base and stupid RNG arcade shooter concept over any kind of balanced competitive game.

  7. make no sense to me getting dmg at the expense of voctory. He deserves the lose

  8. im sure if i do that with my zao i sthealt sthealt pummm 35k citadel and bye bye zao!!!

  9. Really? Montana firing HE???

    • Moreover the Zao is a good fucking minute if not more full broadside to the Monty while firing to the Richelieu (pretty much at the beginning). Any decent Monty players would have taken him out of the game right at this moment.

  10. What a waste in the end

  11. That guy has some serious issues with tunnel vision

  12. I’ll take “ways to win the game for 600, Alex”. What is stealth torping? What is angling? What is good positioning? What is capping?
    Correct. We would have also accepted What is sailing away.

  13. Shell view every fcking shot….

  14. The perfect example of how bad players can do a lot of damage

  15. bad aim and good luck.

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