301,982 damage in Iowa || World of Warships

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Player: DarthDoge
Map: Hotspot

User Description:

After a rather poor Iowa game two matches ago that was a loss (team refused to push)..

I had THIS game in which I did a HARD carry broke my previous record by.. 86,893 damage on Zao (215,089 previous record).

My first damage game – 301,982 damage in Iowa.

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  1. Xfirst

  2. first like for 18 views

  3. how come he was able to get shots off but his turrets weren’t even pointing
    a the target

  4. Hit citadels better than Mayweather in boxing. xD

  5. nice work man

  6. have you noticed that its easier to hit a moving ship than a stationary
    ship? i could be 2km from a stationary yamato spread eagle and the shells
    will miss.

  7. That passive Izumo ^^

  8. Panzer do you think it’s better to use the reload or accuracy upgrade on
    the Iowa?

  9. When you get 34,473 commander XP because of flag boosts and a special event

  10. On a side note, I have been testing a stealth build on the german tier 8,9,
    and 10 bbs and they work better than the secondary build in my opinion,

  11. wow that iowa was just outrunning the donskoi at the beginning. just

  12. still love that intro you made <3_<3

  13. Panzerknacker…. For the last time… Try to play your own game play.. its
    not fun to watch same replay from other Youtubers… You are NOT the first
    one making this replay…. You dont need to COPY other you-tubers material
    and make it your own … !!! XXXXX F …try to make WOT video… Your are
    good at that.. Do I make my self clear ??

  14. very nice comeback :)

  15. First hit at 3:24

  16. Interesting shoots on 4:41!!! Front turrets are seeing another destination,
    how is it possible?

  17. how can i make the UI on my screen smaller

  18. Really well played !!!!!!!

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