302K Belfast game – Kraken, High Caliber, Confederate, 4K EXP – World of Warships

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  1. he started the game a bit late but man…he pick up the pace and get SOME DMG ^^

  2. Apenas va a iniciar. pero ya se que sera genial!

  3. Their team’s Scharnhorst was useless.

  4. Wait, isn’t that kind of damage in a tier 7 battle at least an entire half of the team, if not very close to the whole team’s HP pool?

  5. GG well paid

  6. Great game. You need weak BBabies on your team which won’t kill enemy juicy things and steal your dmg. You need retarded enemy BB so you can swim without smoke for half of the game and be shot with HE or missed. Even by at close range by specialized cruiser-killers (Graf, Scharnhorst) which still were easily dealt with. You need to have not very effective (to leave dmg for you) but quite smart pushing & spotting DD on your team and also either suicidal (Nicholas) or passive, avoiding combat (Akatsuki) enemy DD which will not spot you/torp your smoke or attack/spot your DD. So you are not even using all your hydro or radar…
    You need potato cruisers like Emerald presenting full broadside after being shot with AP or Shchors charging alone at 3 cruisers and 2 DD. You need to be top tier of course, so you’re the only radar thing on the map and nothing hurts your fire chance.
    Finally you need your team to spread enemies and survive just enough for you to have time to get back from the other end of the map and shoot everybody 1 by 1.

    Extremely many “needs”, and so rare record result 😉

  7. Well of course the Belfast gets a super high damage game. It’s OP as anything.

  8. Really, WG?

  9. He is really retardet in the chat ?

  10. Try to make this at home: eat tons of BB while showing broadside like this belfast.

  11. I just can’t stand replays of players who follow their shots..It is more annoying than Trump..ok maybe not, but really…there is no benefit to it except making the replay a dizzying spectacle…

  12. That Graf Spee in the beginning could have made a quick end for Belfast, but he obviously has no clue what he’s doing. Not only he misses several salvos, he’s also shooting HE on a distance of 7km and less. Usually and on that distance, Belfast is a one-hit with that pocket-BB.

  13. SUPER carry by the Scharnhost, well played game with top tier BB, you blame the Belfast for being OP but if your team has BBs like that Scharnhost you need a good ship to carry the team, i m proud to have the Belfast and seal clubbing BAD players because if you know how to play the game you can deal with Belfast but people don’t work together, if team work together can make her useless, some will agree with me and some will disagree that is my opinion about Belfast

  14. wtf the alpha dmg,i do 1500-2500 per salvo.He has the penetration skill on captain?

  15. GG. A very good game played in the Belfast. Both teams had a lot of idiots that could have cost them the game.
    Regarding the OP status of this ship, I find it only to some ships and especially against lower classes. When it gets agains T8, T9 and even some T7 it begins to struggle especially when the smoke generator is on cooldown.

  16. Game losing play from the Nelson, what a whale.

  17. Well played!

  18. Very good game. WG and luck also favored him; the enemy team was very bad !!!! I did not focus on anyone, the times I tried to pressure the way this Belfast did, half the enemy team makes me focus. I do not understand why the games are so “mysteriously” unequal.

  19. He played well .. but give me strength them potatos he faced .. first Cleveland nearly dead before he even noticed he was being owned .. HE spamming nelson should be beaten with a stick, shiney that prefers to just broadside torp than charge in ???the doods clearly played his Belfast a lot his aiming is spot on .

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