3034 base exp 7 kill Hakuryu omega carry || World of Warships

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  1. That dive.bomber drop blind in the smoke…. lol… that was some pro stuff

  2. I em not a scared boy

    This guys team sucked. This guy is a legend at just doing the best he can! 🙂

  3. Defensive AA misclicked

  4. Midway do worse than haku in controling his squard?
    it used to be opposite situatuons..

  5. That is a midway? oh my lord, did he have fighters? or a “strike midway” build?

    • strike midway, 113 (1 fgt 1 tb 3 db). If it was balanced, 212, would have to micro fighters harder. If it was air superiority 302 then i would be playing comp CV and just spotting :l and doing dmg whenever I could. Now midway only has 222 so you wont find anyone like that now but the new 222 midway has superior strike power than the old 113 because it has 12x torpedo bombers which are more reliable than 21x dive bombers.

  6. a bit off topic, did they make shima’s all torp to DWT or the 20km torp only?

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