303K DMG Republique’s Legendary Mod || World of Warships

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  1. Da_fake_CookieMonstah HD

    Eyy first 🙂

  2. Самаил Малеев

    заебиСя !!!

  3. What are the benefits of this module again?

  4. First comment and … OH MY GOD … I’m honestly stunned, since I find it disconcerting like a ship with a distribution of main weapons so horrendous (like this ship) and uncomfortable (do not make me mention the citadel the size of the Mount Pelee ), next to the fact that only has 8 main cannons can produce so much damage between the enemies, although I think that this Republic only managed to do the damage that it did because the enemies did not angle properly or really against the incoming shots.
    I think I preferred a Montana or a Kurfurst over this “amalgamation” any day, and I hope that WG does not make the Italian battleship of TX is lame or unplayable …

    • Ehh … ohh … I think I agree with you according to the Yammy-San, this ship does not suit the enfretaminetos in closed spaces with literally no one, and in a way those unique canyons make up the citadel, even if its turret turn is unpleasant (the worst of T10 ??), and this ship (Republique) still has the unpleasant disadvantage of having only 2 turrets of cannons that, if one falls knocked out or destroyed, loses half of its firepower, and as this 32 mm cubet of armor on all sides, makes it even more allergic to HE Spam than a Grosser Kurfurst, and if the enemies have IFHE, they will wreak havoc on this ship, since their secondary and anti-air weapons are glass cannons since they do not have enough armor or health pool to withstand a bombardment of HE shells, regardless of whether they come from a Worcester, a Hinderburg or even a Conquetor.

    • I have all the t10 BBs for me Republique is the best for fun, my record damage is for republique

    • Obeex  And mine is the Conqueror:D Hail the brainless HE spamming,Hail the fool-proof warship

    • i have never lost a gun turret in my republique

    • you prefer montana In terms of citadel? I always roadkill a full-almost full HP montana using rep, montana cant 1 salvo rep, I tried that, my Rep can 1 salvo a full hp montana and yamato

  5. i got republic and what i saw the enemy team ignore this ship by the fact of is team keep the enemy busy wen i play its torps evryhere and fires i got demolish in no time, sometimes i think could it be im the only target in the game to the red team

  6. Actually sat here yelling at my screen about wtf the enemy team was doing.

  7. LOL, bloody cowfee 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Verry nice game, gg

  9. The Atago on this team is in my clan! Congrats on getting in here i think, lol.

  10. with 17 sec reload i can do better on my Giulio Cesare.

  11. love the guy in chat being angry because they were out too far …… two BB’s chasing down a shima …….. lol …… the angry guy is one of those people that were never issued a minimap

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