307K with Yamato ( Yamamoto proc ) World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. gg nice game

  2. Anybody see that Aerroon is in the Kitakaze!

  3. Uchuu senkan Yaamaaatoooo

  4. who has the better cannon sound … Shkishima , yamato or G.Kurfurst ??

  5. Nice first blood

  6. Lol the blind fire to the kitakaze

  7. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Lol 👍☯️🥇👑⚔️☠️💥 jogo muito tá de parabéns ótimo conteúdo Belo trabalho .

  8. Oh my god the first kill tho..

  9. Ale wywrócił tego Desa z rowerka

  10. I enjoy your vids keep up the good work sir

  11. With Yamato gun sound you can do anything!

  12. lol des moines deleted in the 1st min.

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