30x Super Santa Container Opening! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Red Oak Victory is a American ship.

  2. I got super exited cuz I got pretty lucky and got Belfast and Monaghan. 😆 this game knows I like my cruisers and American DDs.

  3. Come on, man, tell us the truth. When you planned to open 100 crates, didn’t your wife threaten violence upon you?

  4. The only thing I get from the crates is camos

  5. In three crates I got a mutsu and a assashio

  6. Oh no why’d you buy more 🙁

  7. 2:57 and chapayev

  8. Pistachio is a terrifying ship. Love mine

  9. Bought 20 crates myself. Got the Kii in the last crate

  10. I like that everyone starts positive, saying “okay okay, that’s good and usefull” but at the end they are all nervious

  11. 30 seems to be the magic number to get all the views.

  12. I feel bad for your wallet spartan

  13. Teriyaki Flavored Tide Pods

    I bought 30 crates and got both the Belfast and the kii! I got super lucky this time but normally I get nothing in crates.

  14. I bought 15 crates and got lots of stuff, including the Asashio, the Poltava and the Kii.

  15. Yup an this is why I definitely haven’t spent money on crates.

  16. I see ppl in the comments getting amazing luck, then u have me, getting nothing but camo’s

  17. Couldn’t agree more spartan, the amount of money I’ve put in this game I’ll take whatever free I can get, a couple of months ago I got a big crate for free and I got a Mutsu in the one crate

  18. Same luck as I’ve had spartan on them crates bloody santa camo can kiss my arse lol

  19. Everyone should get the 2nd free crate everyday yesterday I got the mutsu out of it. haven’t played it much but I’ve already had good games with it and a free ship is a free ship😂

  20. “I got a rock.” Charlie Brown and me opening crates.

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