315k Dmg 2ndary Kurfurst, Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. Göksel Doğancı

    First 😀

  2. First comment???
    Well, to be frank, I found this game interesting because this Kurfurst seemed to insist on fighting at distances greater than 12 kilometers during the middle of the battle, until I managed to approach and use its secondary weapons effectively, and I liked that CQC towards the end against that other battleship, although I think I can not really point out a moment that is truly memorable in this particular battle, beyond the behavior of the commander of this Kurfurst or that Yamato towards the 12:43 minute that made the big mistake to stop in the middle of the battle while showing the citadel to the cannons of another battleship from TX …

    • I agree with your assessment. This was less about great play in the GK and more about the opposing team throwing away a win. The opposing team was at over 900 points with two caps. All they had to do is sail away for the win.

      Frankly, the GK’s position and game play did not support the objective well. It was more that the opposing team played to lose at the end and the GK happened to be in the right place to finish off the opposition.

  3. welldone commander!

  4. Margaret Thatcher

    I love my Kurfürst!

  5. 18:26 hitreg lolz

  6. Good jop ?
    thank you panzerknacker

  7. I’m watching a lot of GK videos latelly, it seems like a really fun ship to play

    • maybe it’s fun on other server, but asia server is all about camping so playing kurfust either get burn to death or don’t do much

    • GK need support on his back to make succesfull confrontation, very powerfull in close combat but lack of mobility make her easy target for destroyer.

    • Margaret Thatcher

      Nesode pop in secondaries for 11.6 km range, use the 420s even though the reload is longer and take a spotter plane and Bob is your uncle

    • Margaret Thatcher: If you’re suggesting use of a spotter plane on a GK to increase range to combat camping, then I disagree. The GK struggles in long-range engagements; its artillery dispersion and comparatively weak horizontal armor make it a poor choice for that type of game play. If you know you’ll be involved in mostly long-range gunnery, then any other tier-X battleship is a better choice, especially the Yamato and Montana.

    • ahwai82: Camping is very prevalent on the NA server as well. This is why I said that success in the GK is very situational. The “art” of playing the GK is knowing how to get into positions that it is very strong it and can succeed. For this reason, I play the GK a little like a cruiser early in a match, leveraging terrain to mask my approach to positions and limit the opponents that can fire on me. Once key threats are eliminated (especially destroyers) and once in position, a GK is a powerhouse. Getting into that position, however, is often difficult.

  8. Margaret Thatcher

    it actually annoyed me how he just stood there waiting. even if he does only quarter speed, he should move and not wait there like a bloody camper…

  9. Wonder why that FdG was using hi-ex at the end? I know the angle at the beginning wasn’t great but he had at least two volleys where AP would maybe have killed our hero

  10. 13:55 that was a nasty shot

  11. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Seems as though if the last 3 ships on enemy team just defended A instead of charging into close quarters they would have won on points.

  12. 매일매일 질주하는설아랑


  13. For the first 10 minutes he gave broadside to a Yamato and didn’t leave the 10 line. I dunno what to think.

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