315k in 10 minutes || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Trump should be proud

  2. Wow i din know those ap can pen that kind of angle that close

  3. Cancer

    And i need one :v

  4. Actually less than 11 minutes. He started shooting at 16:15 ish and died at 09:36.
    That is just damn insane.

    • Since he didn’t start shooting until 16:15 then it actually only took him 7 min and 21 sec to do 315k. I mean, who cares what part of the game it happened in. He did 315k in less than 8 min. That’s beyond insane.

  5. Hard to believe that “major Bonespurs” is the captain.
    He would probably jump of one of those islands to find a young island he could harass 😉

  6. Claps applause !

  7. Only lol and GG

  8. captain build plis? you can include them on the video

  9. massive dmg always include a careless yamato :v

  10. fast game i like it

  11. My God – I’ve never seen a cruiser down to “14” health.

  12. was actually curious how to get from 262k to 315k when you have literally no chance of survival…
    oh, i see…

  13. May be works in RU server, who knows 😛

  14. This is a phenomenal game. The player has absolutely superior positioning, using the island cover to it’s fullest. Combine that with deadly aim and excellent instincts on when to swap ammo types, and you just see the numbers on this ship go up. The ram at the end wasn’t cheesy, because by that point the ship was held together by broken duct tape and sheer force of habit. Well played, GG!

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