316 K DMG Des MOINES – World of Warships

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  1. If he would of put a salvo or two into the kurfurst coming around the corner before he rammed he would of died. Instead of shooting the hull for 6 bounces that AP into his superstructure would of done an easy 6k+ but the failure to recognize that pushed the game into a un-recoverable state……..never the less good teamplay and a solid game

  2. Not premium ? Those high tier battle can’t be worth…

  3. Real mvp is the gearing ;p But this Dem never even try to go to stealth when outside smokes! Awesome aggressive play.Ending like a boss too.

  4. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    I wish I could have enemy teams like that. Still, both were terrible.

  5. Des Moine ils sooo OP :/

  6. wow the pure skill of hiding like a camping cunt behind a island, oh yeah mad skillz…not

  7. very nice played by the DD’s i must say, laying cover smoke and keep on spotting, nicely done indeed !

  8. last second!

  9. Smoke screens = torpedo magnets

  10. Boulos Raphaël

    Lol, YOLO end

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