317K DMG RECORD || World of Warships

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  1. Given Infinite Monkeys playing Infinite Asashios… one was bound to run into Infinite Bull$#!^ ;p

    • Is it that bad in randoms, a lot of them in matches? And did it started lowering BB numbers?

    • Lowering BB numbers? Hardly. That’s hardly the issue though.

      There were already many ways to punish bad BB players. The asashio doubles-down on the punishment, at the cost of giving up part of it’s ability to actually perform it’s role as a spotter/capper/area-denier.

      All this ship is, is a way to pick on bad players, while simultaneously losing games due to not being able to deal with anything OTHER than a bad BB player. like, here, is the perfect example.

  2. thinking PK is showing us what *not* to do?

  3. 6:00 to 8:45 nothing happens if you are in a hurry 🙂

  4. Awesome, this ship punished those aggressive BB players well. Gotta buy one, who dare tank for team, eat my invisible torps lol.

  5. I love how much this ship pisses people off!

  6. Why all the downvotes?

    • Because, this game is garbage, he dont help team, he just camping than a BB and he play badly…

    • He specifically goes to areas to farm BB damage/kills versus using his amazing stealth to spot for his other friendly DD to do their magic. The lack of team play is partially why his team lost. Yes, some in this comments section argue he cannot push on cruisers but if spec right his detection is 5.4km. Unless the cruiser is radar he can get close to cap/counter cap/contest objectives with no fear of being spotted. It is like playing a Kamikaze R at Tier 8 when it comes to stealth. He has 20km torpedos so its not like he has to get very close to BB. He can send torps towards choke points where BB are moving with Torp reload to slow the push or cause damage/kills while holding objectives.

      This is why so many dislike the Asashio as it teaches average and below average players selfish gameplay versus playing this ship to it’s true power.

  7. Doesn’t mean anything if you don’t win the game, he did zero to help win.

    • David Martin u do know this ship couldn’t cap and in the game there’s many CAs and being detected u will die in 10second

    • David is correct. You do know spec correctly the Asashio has a 5.4km detection? Unless the cruiser has radar or at best hydro, you can easily stay out of range and keep those ships spotted or cap/counter cap. It out spots anything that tier. The lack of enemy spotting is a large part why his team was unable to focus on specific ships and prevented his teams DD from doing more. The guns are slow to traverse but they still hit like a truck in damage. While the Asashio cannot fight other DD 1 vs 1 it can stay with other DD and use its guns to help finish other DD off while scout spotting for his friendly DD.

      This is why many dislike the Asashio as any average DD player can farm selfishly 200k to 300k but by doing so does not use this ship for its full potential. It’s ability to out spot most DD this high tier makes it a deadly combo when scouting for his teams DD to eliminate other DD. Plus it is the best ship to capture/counter cap/contest cap due to its stealth. This is how the Asashio played right secures a victory for the team and controls his/her win rate in this ship.

      Farming BB damage and kills only takes you so far. This is why this ship per stats shows high damage but average win rate because so many play her selfishly.

    • Darth_Blackcat dude they r not bot I’m sure they will protect the cap and u can’t go anywhere cap or not depending what kind of dd u got

    • disagree. I do it all the time at the objectives. It just comes down to situational awareness. If you get spotted especially in an Asashio, that is the Asashio players fault.

    • Darth_Blackcat lol give me ur name in the game

  8. INORA Kurbanbaeva

    Твои тиммейты овцы

  9. posting his dmg in the chat when nobody asks lol

    • This always happens when a dude thinks he just broke the damage record of a warships or his summary,but generally enemy just gives 0 fucks since it has nothing to do with them

  10. When asashio met with its doom and had no torps to use, she herself became a torpedo

  11. thanks, this video helped me to decide – to *NOT* buy the Asashio 🙂

  12. Андрей Морозов

    Хм, а что же делать на этом эсминце, если все вражеские ЛК уже утопли, а в бою остались только крейсера и эсминцы? Или если во вражеской команде всего 1-2 линкора? Конец боя очень показателен: вылетел в упор на крейсер и… ничего не смог. В общем, бесполезный в очень многих ситуациях эсминец.

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