328K CONQUEROR || World of Warships

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  1. Not awesome for a Conquerir…And with a ram…Pff :/

    • The ram was the best thing to do in this situation

    • I dunno, but I felt that ram felt premature. He was angled steeply against Yamato who is broadside, the island was blocking enemy Montana from getting a shot & his superheal was almost up – unless Yamato was smart and went for the bow to lolpen he may have enough to citadel the Yamato point blank & still survive, which gives him chance to attack with the Gearing.

      In case you can’t reach Chinese, the game was in fact lost via time. There was ~3 minutes between the ram and end-game. By not ramming he could have turned it around.

    • Because he was such steeply angled and the Conqueror has nearly everywhere (like the Izumo) 32mm armor, it wouldn’t have mattered if the Yamato captain was smart. The heal would still have needed 40s, so enough time to reload twice for a battleship. The Yamato was on the way to angle, and the two front turrets are not enough to kill him in one salvo (even with 6 cits), so it was the best option to take.

  2. Not the best conqueror, but the dmg is good.

  3. Man, that Gearing was beyond useless….


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