3456 xp brut Stalingrad 6 kill 316K DAMAGE || World of Warships

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  1. its just too painful to watch a guy zoom in and out with the wheel between volleys

    • I can understand it when are lots of enemies about, but this is just silly, a glance on the minimap would have sufficed. I stopped watching halfway, it is like watching a good game of tanks in an Obj. 907, boring, OP.

  2. First comment and … but what a precious ship, and I do not care if it is a battle cruiser or a heavy cruiser, but what a nice appearance it has but … UFFF but that jealousy that only the elite of World of Warships can Enjoy this ship, and even worse than USS Alaska is a premium ship, now I could never enjoy any of the 2 … Regarding the battle itself, I already expected interesting things given that it is a soviet ship, like that anomaly in the minute 6:42 (Please, seriously? Citadel in a Hinderburg? Or the game is bugeo or is Russian bias) and after 7:45 LOL (luck was NOT in favor of that poor destroyer) and then again 8:51 LOL I think it’s because this ship is “Made in Russia” and half finished towards the time 11:17 and 12:38 JA JA JA I definitely saw that coming 2 times in a row and to finish 15:28, it I take the enemy to the bottom with JA JA JA JA
    Game quite entertaining until the end.

    • I think you don’t play this game or didn’t played enough. Stalingrad has 305mm guns, with US Heavy cruiser bouncing angles (means that shells can penetrate angled armor others cruisers could not penetrate.). That’s the first point.
      Second, you can totally citadel the Hindenburg, it’s easy at range, but quite impossible at close range (like 3-4 km) unless you have a Des Moines because even at this distance, the DM has some plunging fire, that can hit the weakness of the german turtleback. Don’t forget that Stalinkek have BATTLESHIP guns, even though it’s T3 BB guns, it easily overmatch destroyers, so that’s why the Shima got rekt here, he angled his ship to avoid the shells, but due to that, the effective armor became larger, and because WG Logic, it became Full penetration instead of over-pen. Minotaur was dumb, or didn’t expect the radar, so he tried to torp them, but because Mino cit is as large as a mountain, triple cit and goodbye Mino. Also, Yamato has an extremely vulnerable citadel, and at close range, it can be killed easily (still BB’s guns). And finally for the Richelieu, he’s exposed his broadside like an idiot, and he died, nothing special here (except the double cit which is a bit weird because french bb’s have a light turtleback. I didn’t really expected that either.)

  3. This ship is silly to the max. I love it, but I feel almost dirty when playing it. The damage you can do to broadside targets is absolutely ridiculous. And it shits on DDs just as well.

  4. Potato balanced

  5. WG should remove heal and Stalingrad would be fine.

  6. who has 20,000+ steel anyway lol… i play almost every night… only have like 2k

  7. uhm, just saying. the picture of the video says 361 k dmg 😉

  8. Russen op Schrott…genau deswegen haben viele in WoT aufgehört! Jetzt passiert das selbe in WoWs…(hoffe nicht )

  9. Man, who drives his Yamato backwards out of cover full broadside 7km from a Stalingrad? I wish I’d see such potatoes in the enemy team occasionally…

  10. Hate this stupid ship!

  11. I got headache watching this.

  12. Vor zwei Tagen mit meiner Musashi gegen eine Stalingrad gekämpft!
    Dreifachzita frontal und die Stalingrad ist geplatzt wie ein Luftballon!

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