356K 6 Kill Henri || World of Warships

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  1. How did that minotaur in the smoke not transform him into swiss cheese?

  2. Ok now I want Moskva with torps………..emh yes Henry4 🙂

  3. Before anyone says anything, I shot AP into the DM’s guns at the end to break them so I could driveby torp him. I didn’t realize the match was also going to time as well as points, or I would’ve shot HE to set new server H4 dmg record.

  4. Fire your torps Henri……

  5. 0:51 had that be me, it would have been a 460mm Nippon steel and a cit from the butt..

  6. 356k and still a loss. What a heart break..

  7. Pichuquito Pichuquito

    Awesome damages…. However, at 5:14, he had the possibility to shoot the enemy DD and to save his own DD, instead of that he shot that Amagi. Cruel mistake, with their DD alive they would have take the Caps way faster and would have enough time to win that one…

    • That kag was like 500 hp, he was gonna die to almost anything anyways.

      Also, with how he smoked earlier, and how he played the engagement with the mino, I had 0 confidence in his player skill. I’m not going to waste time and salvoes to save someone who isn’t going to positiviely contribute to the rest of the match.

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