360k DMG kraken in Henri IV || World of Warships

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  1. 360K = DAMAGE RECORD?

  2. All normal for Henry4, and remeber that the Hindenburg is OP, Henry4 only nice kiting battlecruiser.

  3. Very dynamic battle

  4. I can’t wait to get my Hindenburg to face this enemy

  5. LOL everyone is crying now left and right MUH HENRY OP! ah really? i remember when this ship was introduced everyone said that it is just a bad zao and it brings nothing new to the table, ah speed boost? what a joke, good HE? ha zao has the same and 1 more turret, moskva has better ap at range, henry and zao have way more torps and way better concealment! After some week WG decided to buff henry AA at that was it! And after some months they gave it a reload booster because this ship was almost not played at all. And now people tell that this ship is OP because of a reload booster? REALLY?

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