362k OPlingrad Game || World of Warships

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  1. The amount of names people think of for this ship.
    Here’s mine: “RUSSIANBIASGRAD”

  2. What is the actual weakness of Stalingrad?

  3. I think its quite OP especially in CB, quite annoying to see

  4. Christopher Nguyen

    10:35 3 fires in a single salvo and the poor monty doesn’t have damage con ready, eek.

  5. Damm cool ship

  6. wow some cruisers seem stronger than bb’s,,,its a crayzee. I still love BBs tho it”s like playing with handicap.

  7. Where in this Replay is the Stalingrad overpowered? Most of the damage comes from burning down BBs and almost every other cruiser is better at doing that. The enemy team had multiple opportunities to just blap him but they just ignored him and enemies failing at punishing the weaknesses of a ship are not making the ship op…

    • 50Sfumature DiNiente

      True, but its easier to complain. Especially because the majority of the players are incompetent.

    • +50Sfumature DiNiente yeah it’s very easy to call ships op that the majority of the players doesn’t have access to. If this Replay shows that the Stalin is op, then my Yamato and Republic have to be op too, but maybe it’s just me that knows how to play and performs well in them (nah it has to be the ship…) ?

    • +G3rman Soldier I really do believe that the Republique can slap that Stalinium ass

  8. The Alaska already gets nerfed but the Stalingrad doesn’t hmm ?

  9. not a lot of blapping- Stalingrad is good at burning ships though, you really feel the absurd fire chance, as someone who owns it

  10. He was using the salt reload booster

  11. what does it ‘not’ have except for torpedoes?

  12. Well played! Liked the surprise ending!

  13. You see OP I see a player farming damage to make up for skill

  14. I will just shoot he at him and burn him down with my monty if he stay bow tanking.?

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