370K DMG One of the most SPECIAL… games ever || World of Warships

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  1. that dmg did you guys seen that 19999 dmg ???

  2. 2nd shot no citadel or kill lol but well played!

  3. *Montana? that is my boy finally he back ?

  4. Impressive shooting. Best I’ve seen in a long while.

  5. pfft. I do this like every game bro. (lol not)

  6. >Option
    >>>Enable Hax ☑

  7. Прапорщик Задов

    Невероятное везение. Слишком много жирных цитаделей.

  8. There were lots of salvos with no kill or citadel.

  9. Think my Montana is broken, never get this luck!

  10. Jack Inrichmond

    great game and fun to watch… no cv’s = better games

  11. Am I the only one that noticed he got set on fire only ONCE? Since when does that happen in game? I consistantly get set on fire at least 10 times a game. In fact I would hazard a guess that 3/4 to 7/8th’s of all damage I suffer in my ships is caused by fire EVERY game. Just spam the HE and watch everything burn. Armour is utterly irrelevant.

  12. My best match with Montana is 4910 base xp!

  13. Crimson Scarlet

    Citadel on GK, phenomenal!

    • Chameleon Scheimong

      GK’s citadel has multiple weaknesses, namely, the lifting of the turtleback when turning in, and the conveniently designed secondary turret armour scheme which allows shells from the front to bounce on their gun shield downward, penetrating the thin deck and into the citadel. Try shooting the backward-facing secondary turrets from the front with any guns that overmatch 15mm (>214mm, e.g. Moskva) and have normal bounce angles (so no Stalingrad/Alaska/Hood), and you can get those strange citadels once in a while.

  14. Not exactly every shot is a kill or Citadel but immpresiv game for sure and nice video keep it up

  15. Very nice.
    Use of spotter planes was perfect ?
    And luck in rightful time, broadsiding targets, everything on to give a great game… fun to watch GG

  16. lucky lucky lucky in my montana i dont last 10m after being spoted

  17. It was a good game, but I disliked it because of the clickbait title

  18. >every shot citadel or kill
    >2nd salvo no citadel or kill
    >Choose one
    >Nice clickbait

  19. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I happen to know a fellow clan member of this guy….he warned us about him and I know why now lol

  20. of course, a Montana, can you get370j on a DD Tachibana Lima, Tis was a good battle though, of of the best i saw in awhile

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