374K Damage GK Secondary Build || World of Warships

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  1. First comment.
    First of all, … WOW, that amount of DGM if that was great, I think the third largest amount of DGM done by a Kurfurst in WOWS.
    Second, I think the construction in secondary for the commander is the recipe to make almost any Kurfurst captain manage to inflict such amount of damage to enemies.
    Third, I think this command seems to be above average, although it seemed to be exposing its side unnecessarily for a little too long to more than one enemy battleship.
    Finally, I’ll be going crazy or … almost all games (both heavy cruisers and battleships) where capital ships do a lot of damage are due to enemies who forget or fail to angle their ships and end up exposing their citadels to save enemies? or am I seeing things?

  2. Thank you

  3. Secondaries are beautiful to watch!

  4. Hiệp Thành Quang

    All those broadside exposed lol

  5. I miss a narrator’s scorn and entitlement.
    “Of course there were torpedos!”
    “Of course RNG made me miss my shots!”
    “Of course I was ganged up on!”
    “Wargaming!! Seriously?!!”

  6. Yup that’s a paddling. So many broadsides but you can only play what’s put against you so well done sir. Love a good secondary build.

  7. Amo el Kurfurst!!

  8. Hey, thanks for featuring my replay!

    • What is your captain spec?

    • And ship modules if you’re feeling helpful today lol

    • It’s been asked a few times so I will post it and hope people read all the comments!:

      Captain Spec: PT, PM, AR, BFT, AFT, Conceal, ManSec
      Upgrades: Aux Arm 1, Dam Con 1, Sec Bat Mod 2, Dam Con 2, Conceal, Sec Bat Mod 3
      Using 420mm Guns, Premium Consumables (Repair, Heal, Spotter, Hydro), Premium Camo, Secondary signal and a bunch of others that don’t matter

  9. 13,6 km detection range? WTF?!

  10. First shots around 3:10 – really nice angling!

  11. Secondaries going off… pure joy to listen and watch. Btw should I go for IFHE in my GK?

    • Yes. Get ifhe. It may reduce fire chances by a bit but it’ll have far more consistent damage. Allowing the penetration of the bow armor of some battleships. Besides. The sheer number of guns going off is going to offset the fire chance. May as well get demolition expert to put more salt on the wounds. Lol

  12. 大選給個讚

  13. Totally unrelated, but they need to buff the Graf Spee

  14. Damn those secondary fires…

  15. Montana hard ignored

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