387K – Try Hard – Solo Warrior || World of Warships

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  1. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Ótimo trabalho jogo muito como um guerreiro.

  2. Hotfix please!

  3. World Of Warships Vietnam

    Idiot North Calorina =]]

  4. Wow nice game, but the GK needs a buff pls WG, its a team player but let’s be honest, teamwork in randoms…. yeah no. République’s heave shells chunked that broadside GK, and those super accurate secondaries tho.

    • +N W yes, both eat a lot of dmg, but Repub is covered in 32 while the GK is not. And if the GK eats around the same damage, then what is the use of its 50mm armor (against BBs)?

    • +ZachDaKilla 32mm or 50mm plating are irrelevant when talking about pure penetration. GK has 50mm plating to tank more HE damage. Don’t forget that Republique also has the most powerful guns of the game under 15km range.

    • +N W yes I know, they have 2nd best or 3rd best pen, after Stalingrad and Yamato (longer ranges it loses to Yammy). But the armor should prevent overmatching from lolpen guns. But, I still eat 15K to 20K volleys from Yamatos and Musashis at 20km and even when angled at mid range, I eat 10 to 15K volleys. Yamato DESTROYS if put into the right hands at semi close range as I learnt one game in my Yammy (323K Brawls), but the reason why is that the GK DOES NOT HAVE TROLL ARMOR, unlike the Rebub, with troll waterline that is spaced armor. Even the Montana citadel is kinda dumb, although it CAN be punished harder than GK. Conqueror is just STUPID rn. The GK LACKS HEAVY BELT ARMOR, with a maximum thickness of 380mm, thinner than the armor bets of 400mm+ of Conqueror, Monty, and Yammy. The Rebub is VERY SUSCEPTIBLE to HE dmg, but has troll armor against AP.

    • +ZachDaKilla I kind of agree with you but at the same time I don’t. How many times did I hit a GK with my Yammy and had 5 or 6 pens for sometimes 2k damage… a lot of times I can tell you. It really depends. RNG plays a huge role. That’s true the Rep has a very strange armor, it does have a citadel above the waterline yet doesn’t eat citadels or rarely. But that’s probably because of the spaced armor. However a Monty broadside is really easy to citadel. And about the Conq, this ship is the one I prefer to fight with a Yammy. Angled or not, each volley and it is by average 20k of its health that is taken away, angled or not. For a GK it is way way more complicated.

    • +N W Yes I agree with the last part of your reply. I get terrible RNG (like ricocheing on broadside Montys at 12km, and strafe/vertically dispersed shots with Yammy), so naturally, I want the GK to be buffed. I would be fine with just a range buff.

  5. Can someone help me please,solo warrior?

  6. Oberstleutnant Steiner

    There wasn’t a solo warrior?

  7. Srsly? That was a crappy gameplay, going full broadside almost all the time. Not playing objectives, only dealing damage – no wonder that his team lost this battle.

  8. Russian Bias always protect.

    ClickBait XD

  9. Hello Panzerknacker. i have a question, i see a lot of your videos and others and i see you all have a very small cross-hair with no guidance in distance… i was wondering where this feature is, or is it a separate installment

  10. No he to angled targets, not good player

  11. The title is misleading, there is no solo warrior!

  12. Why the seconds on the crosshair are not visible in the zoom ?

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