390k damage ranked game – Kitakaze || World of Warships

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  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    “Noice” -Random Dude

  2. OP! How long do we have to wait until this and harugumo get nerfed WG? khabarovsk was nerfed multiple times because it could take on anything( besides planes) but these ships are excluded? yeah WG shits so much on IJN so much man!!!!

    • +1ctrlaltdelete1 but khaba was OP for doing the exact same thing and dont forget that this piece of anime japanese shit gets 12km torpedoes and can pen 32mm of armor and dont start about the khabarovsk thing because le terrible disagrees with that. I hope after this ranked season WG will nerf this unbalanced blasphemy just like they did with yueyang in clan wars and hindenburg!

    • Kitakaze easy to kill? Know about BB AP nerf? (not to mention german dispersion since that ger BB was the closest to him during half the game) Lol. Who wants to shoot at a DD 12km away able to dodge if he wants (at least a little), to *eventually* get an overpen or two? Knowing that once it will be afraid to die (after 10 succesful salvos?) it can just smoke up or go stealthy, and even heal in that gamemod…
      How can people not feel gross while playing these DDs. I guess because they already are idc

    • +Ipatchy Makouli Yes, it’s the easiest DD to kill. I have killed multiple Kitakazes with my JB and Musashi. Using *HE* obviously. They are slow, big, turn like a truck and since they are Gunboats….you know exactly where they are. Hitting them in smoke isn’t a problem either. And their 12KM torps (omg so OP!!!11) have _1.7 Km_ detectability. Last but not least, HE damage is 100% healable!

      I can’t stand that constant whining in this community… If someone don’t know how to counter a specific ship category, should either L2P or fuck off and de-install.

    • Wow you are sooo salty that’s delightful. Jean Bart using HE well that’s pretty common isn’t it, why the fuck would a US, German or IJN have that loaded in fight. Ofc I’ll swap to HE if I encouter a DD, but a good DD wont just wait when he sees a BB aiming at him for a minute dumbass. GL in your games if you load HE with Yamato and then don’t see any DD cuz of smokes

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +1ctrlaltdelete1 No HE damage is not 100% healable. That is a big misconception. FIRE DAMAGE is 100% healable. HE penetrations work exactly like AP penetrations (not citadels), that is you can heal 50% of the damage they do.HE shells either penetrate and do their nominal damage or they shatter. In both cases they can start fires. But the damage from HE penetrations can only be healed up to 50%, just like normal AP penetrations and overpens. Citadel damage can be healed up to 10% for battleships, 33% for cruisers and up to 50% for british cruisers which can heal up to 50% of citadel damage.

  3. Look like we need ammo counters and nerfs to everything……..o planes bad because reasons!

  4. When I see Pink I see Victory! 🙂

  5. Does the PlayStore App for free dubloons still exist and do you still give away WG CC loot containers?

  6. the musashi of the opposing team was me, I’m going to charge image rights kkkk

  7. I’m regretting having spent money on this game, DDs outgunning everything else, it’s painful to watch.

  8. All BBs repaired as soon as they got first fire. I mean, looks like a March brake time of a game…

  9. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Dispicable gameplay on his part as the only dd in his team. Extremely selfish, VERY bad positioning, 0 screening for his teammates against that Jutland and very high damage only because the enemy bbs chose to ignore him.I mean only 677000 potential while he was mostly gunboating in the open? They practically didn’t even noticed him! I usually speak favorably for the people whose battles are being shown here but not this time. Thumbs down and it’s a pity cos statswise he seems to be a good player.
    PS: Also no survivability expert on a dd, especially a gunboat dd?
    PS2: If you think that the Kitakaze is so OP why don’t you get it and rule the virtuall seas with it? Go on and then tell us how it went.

    • Kita/Harugumo are OP, as long as CVs and radar cruisers don’t do their job.
      I just saw Flambass’ last video, triple Harugumo without CV or radar, they litteraly were 3 vs 12 and carried the game.
      I wonder if Yueyang, Shima, Khaba or even cruisers (other than Mino, that’s basically the same gameplay but with the risk of getting one shot) are able to have the same results. That’s just gross, even they felt it was the most disgusting thing they lived in this game ^^

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Ipatchy Makouli First of all it was a TRIPPLE harugumo division and all 3 of them are very good players. That video is a very bad example of the average Harugumo actuall capabilities. Secondly the Harugumo is big for a dd and clumsy. If you shoot at it it will take damage.Yes, 1 vs 1 against almost all dds (khaba not included*) it’s very powerfull but normaly a Harugumo can’t just sit in the smoke and shoot. There has to be someone else to spot for you and you WILL be torpeded in the smoke. Yes, it has a lot of firepower but being able to apply that firepower is not so straight forward as it seems in a lot of these videos. These videos are very much the exception and not the rule.
      *The Khaba has much of it’s broadside covered in 50mm armor which the Harugumos guns can’t penetrate even with IFHE.

    • What I find disgusting about the ship is not her ability to fight other DDs, but other BBs. Not a single ship but Wooster have that dpm, and while Wooster is very vulnerable to AP, Haru is only weak against torpedoes; yes I have (hopefully) seen manyyy harugumos getting torped to death, and imo it was bad positioning from them, or lack of awareness at least- if they have that ship, they should know its worst weakness if they played it enough.
      Even if weak against torps and HE while radared, the ship is a monster DPM-wise. And if as a BB you get to see her for a moment, I hope you have HE loaded, because even with 4 or 5 hits (which is pretty lucky) she won’t even be half dead. It really feels bad to be unable to trade against a DD; against Harugumo, even with a good trade, she just outdamage you…

      Hopefully we have many CVs making their life hard, so I won’t complain that much too.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      ​+Ipatchy Makouli So you are saying that if a Harugumo wants to smoke up and shoot he must make sure that there is no enemy dd within torpedo range for about a minute and he must make sure that someone else does the spoting. And you don’t see how are those very limiting factors to the Harugumo applying the admittedly huge DPM potential it has? Or are you suggesting that a dd shouldn’t be able to take out a BB with it’s guns?

  10. Totally not an OP t9

  11. COOL !!!

  12. Bad teamplayer. .. hunting BBs in the back and farm damage …great job

  13. Extremely selfish gameplay, not doing what his team need

  14. 183k damage on a SINGLE Friedrich der Grosse is ummm….a bit special.

  15. Perfect example of a DD not supporting his/her team which almost cost them a “win”.

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