3k Base XP Republique with Farazelleth || World of Warships

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  1. That’s not Flamu, because his IGN is finished by 55 😀

  2. Good game. Concealment/FP build huh?

  3. 不錯啊~

  4. For me it’s the funniest bb to play with

    • Nah Conqueror,It’s always amusing to imagine enemy bbs players’ faces when they see you printed a new warship on the ocean:DDD

  5. Panzerknacker please try to make a WOWS live stream because you are pro player ??

  6. speedboost? typical for the French to run…

    • fench ran well in 1940 but have the best ratio of winrate for all the wars they had during their history and also, france is the most powerfull country of europe today so please shut the fuck up

    • Jakub Trojanowski

      The Badman lol

    • The Badman are you on crack you baguette and cheese eating buffoon?
      simple yes or no should suffice, alas I know the answer…

  7. The anonymous CV rival lol. This was a joy to watch on faras perspective. Its rare to see him try hard that much.

  8. I was in the Fletcher (stock) 🙂

  9. Джанбулат Дж

    Дичь полнейшая и что тут такого? Стадо ходить бортом и авик Бот с таких дамаг не набить было бы глупо. Короче говоря хуйня полная. Россиия сила ?. ВМФ ?

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