400k Henry Record || World of Warships

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  1. First comment and when I read the title of the video I was like “WTF ??? This is going to be interesting …” and I see that the first half of the game this Henri IV only used High Explosive shells during a large part of the game, something that for several people would be somewhat loose but at least in this case I would not criticize given that it was against a Musashi and only wear it with fires and harvesting DGM by means of fire damage in the enemy battleships throughout all the battle, clearly these enemies did not know how to defend themselves from this Henri IV properly or were too overconfident that they could repair the totality of the fire damage or that this Henri IV will get bored of targeting a single enemy as in the case of that Musashi the first Half of the battle that I ended up doing the ridiculous only caused damage without real gain and I ended up being torpedoed.
    Striking game and although not as incredible as I expected, except for those enemies overconfiados … almost seemed some boats, especially that cruise to the minute 10: · 38 that received a string of citadels by non-angular against the incoming salvo.

    • Alex Gonzalez the funny thing is I use inertial fuse on my Henry. All those shatters would be straight dmg for me plus I would get fires

    • Grant Nelson
      Well, point out the fires since I imagined before watching the video that would see this Henri IV using AP shells in at least a moment of the battle punishing light cruisers and battleships at close range showing broadside or something, but I only saw him harvesting DGM from fire damage although I was not really surprised since he was facing Yamato class Battleships and at least he kept the distance and did not take unnecessary risks.

  2. Lots of fires. Nothing interesting lol. Just friendly RNG

  3. Erst Des Moines und jetzt Henry… Als nächstes will ich die Hindenburg sehen!

  4. how do you zoom so far in? mod?

  5. Why there’s no ending screens??

  6. damn i feel so sorry for that musashi that guy had one bad dispersion followed by another and lack of brain cells…

  7. But this is perfect example of that dmg isnt everything, if you dont play objectives you gonna lose. Dont get me wrong im not saying farming is bad, im same kind of person i rather farm dmg than sacrifice my self for team, selfish but thats the way i play…

    • this player would earn a lot of reports of me. Its such an ego-playstile, he didnt help by defend cap or hunt DD….

    • +Bridenlager That’s the Henri… good at damage farming and nothing else.

    • Normally I would support your criticism, but it just isn’t true here. The Gearing had a Seattle for support, a Henri wouldn’t add anything to it.
      2 things lost the game:
      #1: Gearing pushed to enemy spawn instead of C. He went into Hindenburg and GK hydro range. There is nothing you can do for him when he suicides like that.
      #2: Delysidus and GK had A under control. Musashi and Yamato (spawned at C) stayed behind Delysidus at A instead of pushing C with the team. They wasted two good ships for the most time of the battle and pushed in when it was too late.

      The only criticism to Delysidus: He didn’t shoot the Grozovoi when he came out from behind the island at A, he switched to the Republique instead. I’m not sure if he missed that on the mini map or if he thought his GK could handle that himself. I don’t know if that would have saved his GK from torps but heavy focus on the DD was needed here anyway.

      Normally a Henri can get closer at the end of the battle, in this battle he had too little HP left for that. The Conqueror would need only one good salvo to kill him off with HE. Maybe he could have used the island to push and torp the Conqueror from close range when the time was running out. His death wouldn’t end the battle and it was the only chance to kill the last enemy in time.
      Btw, this is a very good performance. Even the best players make some mistakes / misjudgments, they are only humans.

  8. you need a lot of skill for 400K ! thats why its so rare ! he could win this with more teamplay ? i dont know….
    see the bad thing is when player just go out for DMG and fail ^^ – with 400K of damage you did your work for the team for sure ! – just my thoughts !

    • 400k is insane, but imo everything above 250k is just a matter of cirumstances. If you can do around 200k somewhat consistantly you can have 300k + games if both teams allow you to have good mix between stupidity and skill

    • He could atleast try to rush that conqu at the end, insteed he took his time to write ”400” in chat. Don’t get me wrong, Delysidus is arguably best cruiser player EU. His DM stats are just unreal but clearly he could do more at the end

    • yep he is a god in Des Moines, but i think others hold the spot for flanking cruiser

    • No brah you didn´t, you just need to press fire button and keep pressing it, and if nobody of the entire enemy team can´t knockout you… then endless party.

  9. Why I never get idiots like this musashi. He repaired every first fire. Just dream BB for a good spamer.

  10. I bet this guy used cheat mod100%.

  11. Mare·S· Ephemeral

    First of all. This guys was using illegal mods for extra zooming which gives him extra accuracy advantage. Henry does not own scout planes for a reason! Skills? Lmao,this garbage only shoot BBs and throw this game so damn hard! He’s lucky enough to play against a young republic and conq player. That’s why he can did that damage.

    • Where’s your proof of the illegal mods? You need to have some proof before accusing someone.

    • LittleMark https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142629-updated-modification-rules-11142017/
      “Applications and mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game, that includes any predictive aiming mods.”
      Honestly, I am just curious if you even play wows or not.

    • Oh c´mon dickhead… do you really think that an stupid extra zoom gives you some kind of advantage?, it´s too irrelevant and obviously doesn´t gives him ¨extra accuracy¨ cause a mod is just a mod, don´t changes any mechanics game, that´s would be know as a hack i think so.

    • Mare·S· Ephemeral

      Javier Lopez lol kid, play the fucking game first before posting any stupid fuck like this. Do you even have a Henry. Or how much is your win rate? My Henry have a 71.88% win rate and I can guarantee this mod will seriously destroy the gameplay balance as it can precisely aim at the position to set extra fire and damage which is a functionality that scout planes provide and a Henry don’t fucking own a scout plane consumable!

  12. It may serve as teaching material by negative example:
    As a cruiser,do nothing but get DMG from BBs is the farest way to victory.

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