40x Santa Crate Opening! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Fastest click in the west.

  2. 70 in total , that’s insane!

  3. i wish soon they would add an “open all containers” button

  4. gg, pleased for ya!
    Just don’t tell Miss yammy 😬

  5. Spartan: WALLET COME HERE, wallet= 😢😢😢,spartan:🤑🤑🤑,also don’t worry I share this to everyone in my household

  6. anybody look at the name Kii and pronounce it with the tier as well? “VII Kii”

  7. I only got the free crates and only got camos 😂 I mean my luck is absolutely crap 😂

  8. Me opening creates to get only Molotov and spartan feel he is getting robbed

  9. 6:50 and paw!!!!!!

  10. I agree, they shouldn’t put these types of ships, but the rentals are a good idea, hope they will do this with all the upcoming legendaries

  11. I’m afraid that’s classified

    “ If you bought the Lenin straight up, you’ve spent a stupid amount of money”

    Oh god don’t remind me 😫

  12. WG is sitting around with their unlucky button again.

  13. I opened crates to try and get enough coins to get the Lenin, opened a total of 24ish and got the Kii so looks like I wont be getting the lenin until it becomes a free xp ship

  14. I did put 30€ for all the new years crates i got, so with the free ones i had like 14-5 and i got 4 ships so i’m not feeling that bad but the 10 ones i bought like 3 days ago were painfull to open xD

  15. Fun fact when getting a ship from a crate you have a drop In frame rate for a second

  16. bro spartans reaction was priceless. I rewatched it over 5 times and still laughed at it.

  17. Yeah, WG is laughing all the way to the bank. Hahaha!

  18. Permafrost Insanity

    WG should’ve traded out those paint camo’s for 750 gold. The paint feels way too underwhelming for a reward. I’m glad I got the KII and soon will get the Lenin by next week.

  19. Spartan reaction to the KII is exactly how reacted to when I got my first tier 7 ship Iowa, though it is my only tier 7 ship I am close to getting the Bismarck, and the Grosser Kurfurst which I am more excited about. So yeah. 😁😎

  20. Vincent The Keeper

    I literally got every ship I wanted but the Kii and nothing I didn’t want so I was lucky but unlucky so I stopped.

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