414K DMG WOOSTER DMG RECORD ? World of Warships

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  1. Sound op and needs a nerf!

  2. Sry but use the Borderline for the Move is Bad… not nice

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      why? It’s harder to shot, and hit you. What’s a problem?

    • +Russian Bias always protect. it’s gay and not how you are supposed to play

    • The result is what matters. If the opponent cant shoot properly, its his fault not yours

    • RainyPizza61823 it’s part of the game mechanics. If it’s in the game, he can use it.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +RainyPizza61823 You’re gay, it’s a feature. Can’t blame the player for abusing something that’s in the game by design. Look at the early hakuryiu games since the rework, or RN cvs. players will find the best tactic that works and abuse it for profits. 😛 Then again I only end up on the border when i’m not paying attention to my surroundings which is rare.

  3. Where are rework CV?

  4. Another super egoistical and super lucky battle. This guy never uses a single one of his supportive consumables and humps the border like a maniac. His aim is mostly bad, but he is lucky enough to be completely ignored by the entire enemy team pushing his flank. This video showcases terrible gameplay all around, and I would have reported this Worcester had he been on my team. Thumbs down for posting this video glorifying such play.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +stefanos perivolaris or a free flowing border where you get a warning to get back to the battlefield, and if you stray too far you get a countdown until you’re ded

    • stefanos perivolaris

      +Just a random Horse. nah just degenerating ships hp is cool enough

    • First his aim isn’t as bad as you are seeming to imply and on the border humping convo I say just make the guns outside the boarder not able to fire, rotate and reload or just flat out incapacitate them. That would be more then enough to discourage the people who constantly abuse while keeping it as a quick turn around method for when needed. It’s only an issue when it’s being constantly abused.

    • Виталий Виталий

      Salty, just like the thumbnail says.

    • @Stephan Stockinger Aim is mostly bad? 400+ thousand? I wish my aim was as bad as that.

  5. i got seasick from that zooming in and out after every volley

    • Just a random Horse.

      It’s what players that like knowing what’s going on around them do… Although not necessary EVERY time I suppose 😛

    • i do that aswell

    • In a Wooster haru and the likes it isn’t really helpful after every volley, you can argue it does more harm because you could miss something about the ships you’re firing at due to not being zoomed. I do so every 10 or so seconds.

    • I will though scroll out quite a bit once I get the lead right when playing these spammy ships

    • I do that, it’s actually a really useful thing to do, if you keep zoomed in, you tunnel (or I find that I do), so it’s better for me to hold right mouse after each shot (or just hold it and look around while I shoot)

  6. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    I too want my position to be pushed by 4 battleships who then choose to mostly ignore me in my Worchester.

  7. I know we are Germans Panzer BUT me being in England I can’t ignore it…DON’T CALL IT A WOOSTER!!!!!

  8. Using the border like that is controversial. But at the same time, it is part of the game mechanics. There are penalties to being on the border that he traded in order to survive. It’s valid to argue these mechanics need to be changed, but I won’t blame him for using them any more than I’d blame him for pulling a Notser.

    Putting aside the maneuvers, his gunnery was excellent. And the enemy made the mistake of ignoring him most of the game. He was also very lucky with fires and that the match ended before he could die. GG.

  9. Russian Bias always protect.

    Awesome Battle! GG WP 😀

  10. Not OP enough! yet WG refuse to nerf this worcester and harugumo!( raise worcester citadel much like abruzzi, for harugumo increase reload by 0,5 sec, give it 1/6 pen because the RN dds get the same so japan should not be an exception and remove torpedo reload booster) but WG cares to nerf premium ships, spends time to release hot fixes for the unbalanced CVS instead of nerfing and buffing ships, releasing new lines and nations and maps!

    • Raised citadel is only a nerf if you’re shot at.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      i agree with harugumo
      wooster can only hide versus good players its always a dead frag

    • that ship is not easy to play

    • Remove reload booster lmao? They already did that with shira and now many of us don’t play her since she had nothing else really unique. The ship only has 1 set of 6 with a 2 minute reload. It can put out 12 torps at most. The ship is fine how it is. I don’t even have it so this isn’t a biased opinion.

    • Dude… the Wooster is not an OP ship by any means. Maybe before they fixed the blind radar issue but since then, in no way is it an op ship. Sounds to me you’re just tired of getting HE spammed by people who can properly use it. It has next to zero torp protection it’s one of the easiest ships in the game to citadel right in line with the Mino, actually. So please continue to tell us about the vast OP ship that is the Worcester that I’m guessing you’ve never played a single game in. ??? move along dd main, you ain’t getting this thing nerfed again.

  11. Bravo ! My Zao is jealous…

  12. Sorry, couldn’t watch this zooming in and out, in, out, in, out… its like a freaking, dumbstep camera. And as I saw on comments, hugging the border, it shouldnt have a border, if you got out the map, return to battlefield, 30 seconds seconds… BOOM.

  13. Pure luck he was never focused fired…

  14. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    So you guys complaining about border hugging (as if it was his choise…) you are telling me you can’t hit a ship that is basically going at 1/4 of his engine power and because you can’t there should be a game mechanic that kills that ship automatically? Back in 2016 (before update 5.01!!!) when shells and torps couldn’t hit the part of your ship that was outside of the map border border hugging was a problem. Not anymore. Learn to aim. He is going at 12 knots MAX ffs. Border hugging is a huge disadvantage FOR THE HUGGER!

  15. No premium consumables and dont getting focused to death… well very lucky player

  16. When the entire red team damage cons one fire.

  17. 400, 013,000k with no Citadels, not bad at all.. That was a lot of HE, along with that IFHE burned some people down outstanding…….

  18. That… that was America right there boys and girls. Freedom and prosperity

  19. waw, hard for me get >200k dmg, but there is luck, all BB going to wooster and not shooting him… All luck except last fight against Salem…GJ bro

  20. Wow at the end of that video, I felt Des Moines is the best Cruiser for the game well Salem is a des Moines, I think Des Moines and Hindenburg are the two best cruisers while the Japanese and British are simply paper

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