417377 DAMAGE 7 kills Midway Replay || World of Warships

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Player: Dastert Ship: Midway Map: Trap
417377 DAMAGE 7 kills Midway || World of Warships

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  1. WOW, what a DMG farming here excellent work mate !!
    BEST Midway gameplay i have seen so far!

  2. Saw it on wows-replays and.. thats just… Crazy xD

    Buff CV-Credits tho!! xD
    every other ship would’ve been at 1,5kk credits 😡

  3. Enemy team was spread out, the DD’s were absolutely stupid, and the enemy CV didn’t pay attention to him… The stars lined up for massive damage, great game though.

  4. Amazing 🙂 Wp mate

  5. Heh, Close Quarters Expert on a DD.

  6. the best gameplay

  7. wow 0:

  8. That F. Der. Grobe was crap, he didn’t seem to interested in helping his carrier out in killing a BB that is about 10 km or less from him.


    all dmg record?

  10. He handled those DDs perfectly. I was very impressed by this guy’s skill. The only misplay in my opinion was sitting in the Kagero smoke instead of running away, the North Cal was too far to spot him and would never catch up to him. But didn’t matter in the end. Well played

  11. Maybe the enemy CV was trying to suicide cause there are 3 fires and 3 floodings on her at the same time. So brutal lol. Nice play!

  12. This is part of the reason why the Midway is so underpowered! He clearly had too few torpedo bomber squadrons and had to rely on the dive bomber squadrons as a crutch, and look how badly it held him back! There were NINE other players he wasn’t able to kill!
    Wargaming seriously needs to fix this!

  13. Really great play

  14. is too crazy think that… someday… somebody will reach 500k damage?

  15. also lucky that the other cv didn’t give shit about him. also when a midway has to fight a hakuryu its over anyway

  16. This is savage wow. You were have little bit luck with those bomb hits on DD’s but nice gameplay.

  17. wargaming pls fix that sound bug at 15:15

  18. I think flamu would be impressed. That was epic and to get the DD’s justice..

  19. Gg for the torpedoebeat ^^

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